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The Most Unique Cruise Ship Features!

Cruise.9Back in the golden day of cruising, travelers could barely believe their eyes when they stepped aboard a luxury cruise liner and found fully equipped gymnasiums, relaxing Turkish baths, and even well stocked libraries and outdoor, European-style cafes. Of course, all of these features, and indeed much, much more, are pretty standard across the board now, with most of us expecting high-end restaurants, shopping malls and casinos at the very least when taking a cruise. With the bar being well and truly raised, cruise companies around the world are seeking out new features that will make their ships stand out over all others and what the industry is starting to see on the newer ships, and on those that have been recently renovated, is a level of excitement and a level of utter luxury that has simply never before been seen at sea.

North Star, Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

The North Star, which features aboard Royal Caribbean’s newest vessel scheduled to set sail in 2014, is the first of its kind in the North Star, Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbeanworld. Suspended by a rotating arm-style mechanism attached to the ship’s uppermost deck, the glass-encased gondola can only be described as a blend of the capsules of the London Eye and the glass elevator in the Roald Dahl classic. Holding up to 13 passengers at any one time, the North Star gives unrivaled 360-degree views over the vast ocean, from a 300 meter high vantage point. Royal Caribbean wanted to create a new feature that would simply be irresistible to travelers, and based on the 6.8 million annual visitors to the Eiffel Tower, and the 3.65 million people who ride to the top of the Empire State building each year, it seems that high viewpoints are right on trend. There’s just something about the perceived breathtaking sights that travelers cannot say ‘no’ to. It’s anticipated that the newer ships of the Quantum class will also feature a similar attraction.

Movies Under the Stars, Grand Princess, Princess Cruises

Movies Under the Stars, Grand PrincessOutdoor movie screens are becoming quite common on newer cruise ships as more and more cruise companies aim to make use of the great weather, particularly throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and around the Australian coast. However, none are quite as spectacular as the ‘Movies Under the Stars’ screens on many of the Princess Cruises vessels. ‘MUTS’, as it has become known, debuted on the Grand Princess and, with a screen measuring 300 square feet, it is now one of the largest outdoor movie screens in the world. Located poolside for the ultimate in atmospheric impression, the screen shows up to 7 recent Hollywood blockbusters each day, along with sporting events, concerts, and kid’s films. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, the screen can be seen and heard even in brilliant sunlight and against the sounds of the ship’s engines, so you get excellent quality all of the time. The latest edition to the fleet, Royal Princess, unveiled an even larger screen towering over the open deck space.

Virtual Balconies, Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

Balcony cabins are a great choice of accommodation that give you the chance to gaze out over the ocean from your own private space. Virtual Balconies, Quantum of the SeasIt’s an especially good option for those taking a romantic cruise, to enjoy the intimacy of watching the ship sail along the water’s surface together. Sadly, balcony cabins don’t always fall within the holiday budget, but all that is about to change. Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Quantum of the Seas, features 373 ‘virtual balcony’ cabins, which include 80 inch LED screens stretching from floor to ceiling of an indoor cabin. What’s even more impressive is that these virtual balconies display real-time images of the outside, both at sea and in port. You can even turn the screen on and off as you please, so if you’re trying to have a little nap in the day, just switch the screen off for instant sleep-inducing conditions. Virtual balconies are expected to be rolled out on other Quantum class ships, as well as Navigator, Voyager, Adventure, and Explorer of the Seas, and it’s estimated that they will revolutionise cruise accommodations to a point where indoor cabins become the most popular rooms on the ship!

Marco Pierre White Room Restaurant, Ventura, P&O

Marco Pierre White Room Restaurant, Ventura

Love him or loathe him, Marco Pierre White has become a household name in the UK, and his culinary skills cannot be questioned. Marco lends his name to not one but four different restaurants across a number of P&O vessels with The White Room aboard Ventura considered by many to be one of the finest speciality dining venues at sea. The menu is varied but has a definitive European theme, with French-inspired chicken coq au vin, Italian risotto, and, of course, the obligatory snail side dish. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the man himself, who frequently steps aboard to whip up some mouth-watering cuisine and ensure that standards are being maintained. He’s even been known to offer on-board cookery lessons for children, helping to teach them about good health, good nutrition, and the finest of foods. If you’re keen to dine at a celebrity chef restaurant on board, try to reserve a table when you embark, as these restaurants do book up quickly. If you’re traveling in a suite aboard Ventura then you will also have exclusive use of this superb dining venue for breakfast each morning, should you wish.

Cruising is evolving to a point where it is almost unrecognisable from the days of the 1920s and 30s when simply a good meal at sea was considered to be an amazing feat. As more and more ships are being designed and constructed, we’re starting to see features, activities, and attractions that were once never mere pipe dreams now becoming spectacular realities. Bumper cars, skydiving simulators and the worlds most talented performance artists are just some of the additional features we can expect to see on ships in the near future.

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The Kempinski Seychelles Resort on the Mahé Island

Are you looking forward to spending your precious spare time at a unique, exotic location, upon an isolated island? Then look no further as we found the gorgeous Kempinski Seychelles Resort – Baie Lazare – a wonderful island getaway able to provide you with both relaxation and exhilaration.

Kempinski-Seychelles-Resort-on-1This one-off five-star resort is situated in an exclusive corner of Baie Lazare, which is in turn found on the Island of Mahé. Surrounded by stunning granite hills and sharing breathtaking views towards the turquoise waters of the local bay, Kempinski Seychelles Resort comprises a total of 150 superbly finished rooms and suites, with the beach just within reach. The 63 hectares of lush gardens around this resort are being constantly encircled by warm lagoon breezes.

With ample opportunities to practice snorkeling, island hopping on your personal tan, to explore hidden bays or even take benefit of rejuvenating spa treatments, this resort is bound to provide guests with almost otherworldly experiences. In fact, the Kempinski brand dates back to 1897, being one of the oldest luxury hotel groups in Europe.

It also comes with exquisite fame, from state of the art endowments and services of top-level, to luxurious layouts and intricate finishes.

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Christian Team

Christian Team

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Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity

Coastal Vacations

Coastal Vacations

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is an association of entrepreneurs, professionals and home-based business owners dedicated to providing the best quality holiday values and travel benefits on the present market, and making them available to their customers at rock-bottom prices. This has in turn created one of the hottest and best business ventures in the World.

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is a solid, 25-year-old, home based business in the wholesale travel club industry. The company offers travel packages that are worth over $15,000 but are sold for a load less. Not only do people get a lifetime of travel for nickels on the buck but they also have the opportunity to come on board with The Business opportunity. It offers a unique promotion system that does Most of the selling for YOU!

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity continues to supply Membership Benefits and Services that are unparalleled in the business today. They supply a superb holiday package that has matchless worth to the shopper, as well as tremendous finance rewards for the marketing team.

Coastal Travel Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations

Stability of The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is in the Travel industry, which is presently at nearly $8 TRILLION yearly, and is the planet’s biggest industry. It employs over ten percent of the world’s workforce and is growing 23% quicker than the global economy! Trends such as this lead directly to fiscal success and outline our lives.

Now, one thing is true about trends : On a trend you’ll either SPEND money or Earn money, dependent on where you position yourself! You are in the right place to be told how YOU can plug-in to the travel industry and begin to make MONEY with the hottest trend today. A good example of making money on a trend is Bill Gates, who maintains the select standing of being one of the richest men in the world because he positioned himself in front of one hot trends : The PC Revolution!

Holiday and Travel is now the 3rd biggest retail industry in America and biggest in the world! To take maximum advantage of this
amazing trend, the Board of The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity committed themselves to researching and building business relations with travel companies that possess a proven track record of customer satisfaction and industry credibility. The result? Coastal Vacations!

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity and Products

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity travel package comes with all you need to enjoy traveling around the planet. You will have Beach.Mom.Daughteraccess to apartment rental stays for up to eighty-five percent off rack rates, hotel stays for taxes on the room, all-inclusive beach resorts around the world, and much more! This is a travel package like no other! Here are 3 main characteristics of the packages :

  1. The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is a lifetime membership club! That means you can travel and earn money FOR LIFE! That is right! No expiry dates, no rush, merely a ONE TIME investment and you can not only market these wonderful travel packages, but you may also travel worldwide for “pennies on the greenback” for life.
  2. Another amazing fact about The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is this travel club membership is one hundred percent transferable, so that you can even will this extraordinary travel package and business to your children!
  3. Unlimited. You have unlimited access to order as many vacations as you like.
  4. Without regard for your prior work experience, you have an excellent opportunity to be extremely successful with The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity. Our commissions of $1,000.00, $3,200 and $9,705 can instantly replace an existing revenue or add to it nicely!

The numbers don’t lie, and we will present and close all your sales too. The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity, with help from experienced presenters and top class internet sites present for you while your sponsors are rewarded greatly to help close your prospects. It’s the best combo for home business success.

It is feasible to get :
– Time liberty to spend with your family, to go to the beach.
– Cash liberty to buy a brand new 50″ Plasma screen or a new Lexus SUV
– Travel to a Caribbean destination to a Comprehensive resort with no problems about cash.
– The Income that You merit

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is an opportunity to change your lifestyle and ultimately do all the things that you wish to do and actually can have the money to do it. Any major opportunity searcher should definitely check into The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity. Click here f you are looking for an experienced and successful Coastal Vacations Director. If you are looking at the Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity check out our Christian Team here at http://www.CoastalVacationsChristianTeam.wordpress.com

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright

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Christian Team

Start Your Own Coastal Travel Vacations Business From Home!!

Start Your Coastal Vacations Travel Business

527614_198725736897744_142944579142527_221044_1450340085_nIn recent years, the travel industry is becoming a force to be reckoned with while in the on-line market. With the internet, many people can surf for vacations on-line, book flights, car rentals, hotel reservations cruises and much more for business or entertaining travel – any time.

And many individuals are realizing their dreams of working from home via this online travel enterprise, Coastal Vacations.  Many more people could be joining in, as well, but don’t know.

It can be extremely profitable with Coastal Vacations.  Our Directors are earning

commissions of $1,000 all the way up to $9,705 on every Sale.

Here are some ways we help our members to make this easier:

1. Automate your small business. The one common thread among all web companies is mass quantities of likely clients. You’re likely to do this properly, when using our Coastal Vacations Official system.

2. Develop relationships. Lots of people tend to forget that on-line organizations are still a business. Le37 They believe simply because they throw up a site that people will start buying from them. The truth is, people detest to be sold to. Nevertheless, they’re going to purchase from those that develop relationships with them.

3. Use your distinctive voice. Don’t try to sound like an encyclopedia or possibly a robot. In all communications with all the clientele, make sure you use your person voice. Individuals prefer to handle other men and women, not robots. Talk to them like you’d speak for your very best buddy. Don’t speak down to them or sound redundant. Use a fresh design. It will be appreciated.

4. Know your stuff. No matter what you’re offering, you have to know what you’re speaking about. If a potential purchaser asks you questions and you also can’t answer it, why would they purchase from you? They most likely wouldn’t. Do some investigation. Learn your craft. It’ll go a prolonged way with the buyer.

Maintain these ideas in thoughts while developing your Coastal Vacations business.

I’d Love to hear from you on this topic.. Feel free to Share it as well :-)
Leave me a comment below and let me know where you’d like to go on Vacation!!

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright
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Should I Work From Home?

Sooner or later, you may find yourself asking the question, “Should I work from home?” Starting a full or part-time home business is obviously a major and very personal decision, so it is important to consider every angle. However, I am here to convince you that working from home has many excellent advantages. Consider these 10 reasons you should work from home:


  1. Control Over Your Schedule: This is definitely one of the biggest pros of working from home. You are now able to set and customize your own work hours to meet the needs of your personal and family life. But, with this new-found freedom, come distracting temptations and the ability to procrastinate work-related tasks. You’ll want to make sure you have the right entrepreneurial character traits to handle this new responsibility.
  2. More Accessible For Your Kids: Working from home can be the solution that allows you to be home more withMom.Kids.Laptop your kids. You’ll have greater flexibility in your schedule, allowing you to place your family’s needs above those of your employer. However, despite your determination to balance work and family, it may not work out as perfect as you thought. In some instances, it may be prudent to arrange for childcare in order to properly meet the needs of your children and home business.
  3. Make Money Doing Something You Love: Many home businesses are born from a hobby or a passion. What a breath of fresh air to ditch the mind-numbing work you once did in a cubicle, in favor of something you actually enjoy. You may almost forget you are even working!
  4. No More Commuting or High Gas Bills: Americans spend an average of $386 per month on gas. Cutting down on a daily commute would put some of that $1500 a month back in your pocket. Not to mention the amount of wasted time driving to and from work every day. Working from home saves you the commute hassle and costs, and gives you the ability to actually enjoy your breakfast from your kitchen table, not your lap.
  5. Control Over Income: The Law of Cause and Effect states that the amount of time and energy put into something will directly impact its output. This also applies to your home business. The more time and energy you devote to drumming up new customers and marketing your business will directly result your profit levels. You have the ultimate control of your outcome (and your income).
  6. Tax Benefits: Now that you are working from home, you have incredible tax benefits. You can write off equipment, supplies and even a portion of your home or car if it is appropriate. The key to understanding all these home business deductions is to ask questions and do your research, get some advice from a tax expert in order to make sure you are following proper tax laws. The goal of any business should ultimately be to make profits, but the write-offs will definitely help offset owed taxes.
  7. Control Over Your Work Attire: No more blazers and dress pants. You can wear whatever the heck you want at your new home business place of employment. If you get your best entrepreneurial inspiration in your fluffy bathrobe, you can wear it everyday if you want. One note of caution though, work attire has been shown to correlate with productivity levels. So, just because you can wear your jammies, doesn’t always mean you should. You may find a business casual environment in your home office helps you get more done during the day.

    Coastal Vacations Travel Christian Team

    Coastal Vacations Travel Christian Team

  8. No Boss: Need I say more? No more guilt when you walk-in 10 minutes late because of a legitimate morning hiccup. No more pointless meetings, or personal coaching sessions. No more corporate bureaucracy.
  9. Greater Levels of Satisfaction: There is a direct link between personal satisfaction and happiness. When you are doing what you love and/or receiving results in direct correlation with your efforts, you are destined to be happier. This happiness and satisfaction will permeate all areas of your life. You will be more pleasant to be around, you will exhibit greater patience, and those who are happier, live longer.
  10. Learning new skills and growing professionally: Most traditional employer-based work is the role of a “doer”, not manager or executive. The “doer” is typically a piece of the assembly line of a given business (often referred to as a worker bee). More often than not, a doer becomes pigeonholed into tasks that aren’t particularly difficult or fulfilling. However, in a home business, an individual manages the whole picture — from business set-up to customer acquisition to marketing. This new-found responsibility requires new skills and involves incredible amounts of learning and growth.
  11. Ms JohnnieShould I Work From Home?  YES!!   Click Here For Complete details on Our Christian Team Travel Business

    Coastal Vacations Christian Team Home Blog

Where Would You Like to Travel?

Many people don’t take vacations often enough. In fact, according to a poll on this site, around half of readers don’t take annual vacations; in fact, many readers never take them! And now with increasing frequency, when we do take vacations, we often bring work along with us, keeping ourselves essentially still in the work mindset we’re trying to escape. This is unfortunate for several reasons:

Coastal Vacations Travel Christian Team

Coastal Vacations Travel Christian Team

  • Vacations Promote Creativity: A good vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves, operating as a vehicle for self-discovery and helping us get back to feeling our best.
  • Vacations Stave Off Burnout: Workers who take regular time to relax are less likely to experience burnout, making them more creative and productive than their overworked, under-rested counterparts.
  • Vacations Can Keep Us Healthy: Taking regular time off to ‘recharge your batteries’, thereby keeping stress levels lower, can keep you healthier.
  • Vacations Promote Overall Well-being: One study found that three days after vacation, subjects’ physical complaints, their quality of sleep and mood had improved as compared to before vacation. These gains were still present five weeks later, especially in those who had more personal time and overall satisfaction during their vacations.
  • Vacations Can Strengthen Bonds: Spending time enjoying life with loved ones can keep relationships strong, helping you enjoy the good times more and helping you through the stress of the hard times. In fact, a study by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services found that women who took vacations were more satisfied with their marriages.
  • Vacations Can Help With Your Job Performance: As the authors of the above study suggest, the psychological benefits that come with more frequent vacations lead to increased quality of life, and that can lead to increased quality of work on the job.
  • Vacations Relieve Stress in Lasting Ways: It should come as no surprise that vacations that include plenty of free time bring stress relief, but research shows that a good vacation can lead to the experience of fewer stressful days at least five weeks later! That means that vacations are the gift to yourself that keep on giving.

The bottom line is that taking a good amount of time away from the stresses of daily life can give us the break we need so that we can return to our lives refreshed and better equipped to handle whatever comes.

Coastal Vacations Travel

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright

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What If I Don’t Have Money to Start?

We don’t need to go any further because there is NO way I can come up with that kind of money or I don’t have any money to invest.

Coastal  Vacations

BVcolorfulFamilyYou know what? No one who’s started this business had the money to invest when they got started. But that’s the number one reason why they all found the money. They saw that this was a legitimate vehicle to be able to change their lives. And they knew that if they didn’t take this opportunity, they’d be in the same position six months from now that they are facing today.

The reality is, the people who need this business are the ones who DON’T have the money just lying around. What you need to do is look at all the information, listen in on a Q&A call and do all the research.

Coastal Travel Vacations

At that point, you may say to me, “Ms Johnnie, I investigated and have decided that this business is just not for me. ” in which case, the money won’t be an issue. Or you may say to me, “Ms Johnnie,I really like what I see, I really want to get started.” in which case the money still won’t be an issue. (Because once you see the opportunity for what it is and how it can absolutely change your life, you won’t be able to sleep until you figure out how you’re going to get started.)

Coastal Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations is your ticket to a Lifestyle that you and your Family deserve. Go over all the information and contact me immediately.
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Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright
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Coastal Vacations Seminar Results – LIVE Tonight!!

Coastal Travel Vacations

Our Coastal Vacations Board of Directors is hosting a LIVE Call tonight with the Results from our Latest Seminar in Orlando Florida. It was held at the Gaylord Palms Resorts.


I hope to hear you on the Call..

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright

Vacationing Makes You Healthier!!

Are you stressed out with all of your responsibilities at home and at the office that it feels like your world is suddenly crushing down on you?

How long has it been since you’ve been on the golf course or had a massage at your favorite spa?

Coastal TravelMaybe its time for you to take a leave of absence, grab a day to unwind or take a vacation.  And the best part of taking a vacation, is it doesn’t have to break the bank.  The Coastal Travel Vacation Club membership allows members to take Cruises, Taxes Only Vacations and 7 night resort stays all over the world for pennies on the dollar (literally).

Spend a day or so chilling out and save your self from possible illness caused by stressed.

Did you know that taking regular vacations can make your life healthier and longer.

Close your eyes for a minute and image soft breezes brushing your cheeks and the only music you can hear is the sound of the ocean’s wave crushing on the shore.

How about waking up in a comfortable hotel suite with your breakfast already prepared on your bedside table?

Maybe you simply stay at home but you get up when you’re done sleeping and going to bed when you’re tired.  You find yourself revisiting your hobbies, taking time to read that book you’ve putting off and just relaxing in your casual, around the house lounging clothes.

But are you aware that these great ways to chill out could not be enjoyable but also health promoting?

Stresses are threats to people’s health that affect the function of the immune system, cardiovascular health, emotional well-being and overall quality of life.

Studies have shown vacations can be the ultimate tool to reduce the pressures of everyday life and eliminate stress. It’s been proven that taking vacations could save our lives and brings balance to its personal and financial aspects.

There are evidences that vacations could reduce the chances of heart disease and improve overall health.  According to experts taking a vacation can reduce the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and can help both men and women, live longer and healthier lives.

Based on studies taken, people who take their health seriously should also learn to take vacation time seriously. They should build it into their health regime.

Throughout the years of studies, vacations have been proven to delay death for both men and women.

Lack of vacation was also discovered to contribute higher chances of heart disease. It was also found out that vacations have restorative effects that can lessen stress and prevent burnout.

There are also fewer rates of dying from coronary heart disease to both men and women that occasionally take time off. In a study

Coastal Travel Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations

conducted by researchers from the State University of New York in Orsweg on 12,338 middle-aged men who were at risk of heart disease, it was found out that those who did not take regular vacations were more likely to die over a 9 year period than those who did.

According to researcher Elaine Eaker, middle-aged women who do not usually take vacations have eight times the risk of either having a heart attack or dying of heart disease. She added that the social and psychological aspects of people’s lives are directly related to their physical health.

Everyone can benefit from the positive impact of vacations on health.

In a study conducted by the Families and Work Institute in New York, it was discovered that 55 % of workers who didn’t take all their vacation time experienced high levels of feeling overworked. This shows that workers who take vacations frequently are less likely to develop serious heart problems in the future.

A vacation could lead to limitless possibilities of fun and physical activity. Involving yourself in sports like skiing, windsurfing, or scuba diving, although it might be tiring, offer many healthy benefits. The important thing in having vacations, regardless how active or inactive it may be, is the state of the mind and body. The mind should be at rest and body should be stress-free.  The first step to prevent burnout is to take a leave and break your routine once in a while.

By simply planning a vacation, your emotional and psychological aspect is improved. The excitement that it brings stimulates the imagination, and allows you have something to look forward to. It’s your chance to remove your work hat to play, learn, explore and discover.

Vacations are one way to have bonding and quality time with family, friends, and loved ones. Vacations also enable you to discover new places which awakens your appreciation of things and people who are usually taken for granted. This makes your return to home more inviting.

Good trips many only last a week, but the memories, personal and health benefits that you gain from it have the possibility to last a lifetime.

Happy Travels …. and don’t forget to take pictures and scrapbook and journal your travels!)

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie







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I Can’t Stop Building my Coastal Travel Vacations Business. It’s My Job!

I love the freedom I have to choose how I spend my day and with whom I spend it.

Do You Want Freedom Of Lifestyle?

Travel.Have.Fun.TooWhen I talk to others… anyone…doesn’t matter, there is always something about their job, or lack of, that they don’t like.  It’s not always the line work they don’t like, but maybe it’s the pay or the hours or the lack of vacation days or the stress of responsibility.

Your Work Ethic to Have What You Want In Life

You have to have work ethic to live your dreams.

The work ethic is the same in a real estate career (as in my case) as it is in your home based business.

You have to get up and DECIDE to go to work.
You set your hours.
You find your buyers of products.
You work with people you want to in business.
You pay for your own advertising budget and which route to choose.
You decide which networking events to get to and which trainings and seminars to attend.

A job is an end to a means.

A home business is an end to a means.

What we all want in life is freedom.  Freedom to have choices.

Work a job if you want… but not because you have to for your income.

home based business success

I love what I do in my home business…and it’s NOT what you think!

My business is not selling products or services… it’s selling a vision to someone who is ready to go after the life they want and then give them EXACTLY EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO DO THAT.


When you re-frame your business as not something that simply pays your bills but rather offers you choices and gives you freedom of lifestyle, your life transforms and those you inspire start to transform and it is the most rewarding and meaningful thing you’ll do in your life.

You can’t stop!

The lifestyle is awesome.

Helping others see their vision is awesome.

I can’t stop my home business because too many people need my help.  They need to hear my story.  They need to introduced to the products and services and community that will be their vehicle to the life they want.

I can’t keep it a secret.

I can’t not help people to learn to think and talk differently about what’s possible for themselves.

A home business is a vehicle.

Your job is a vehicle.

The vehicle to your income and lifestyle.

You choose.

Freedom Fighter

I’m a freedom fighter.  I want to help people identify their perfect day and experience that in their mind and then give them the education, the training and tools and resources so they can make that happen.

My business IS my job.  It’s my job to help YOU reach inside yourself and find your inner greatness, your inner strength to break out of routine and what you’ve always known so you can awaken your dreams and go after them with all you’ve got.

You’ve only got one life.  You get one go-around.  Don’t waste it.

If your passion IS your job and the security and income you get that from that is everything you’d hoped and dreamed for, it makes you happy and fulfilled and you can plan comfortably with your retirement… then entrepreneurship may not be all that exciting for you.

But if you ever dream about having more, doing more and being more… then take a look in the mirror and get clear about your dreams and what you want.

Then ask yourself… “When do you want to get started?

Then, get started.


We have doctors and pet store owners and musicians and day care owners and time share owners, the list goes on… who are enjoying their Travel Business and using their expertise in their field to attract their local market and to get the word out about their services and products.

We have people who just love to travel.

If you are at a point in your life where you are ready to draw a line in the sand and say…

“No more and I going to cater to the economy and settling for the situation and circumstances I’m in, but rather take control of my life”….

I encourage you to JUST DO IT.  Get started.


Join Coastal Travel Vacations and get ALL IN.

Let me set the expectation.  Sure… you can join for as little as $1295, once, and get the started and Make $1,000 commissions.

Or, you can DECIDE to move your life in fast forward to start learning and getting what you need to succeed.

I recommend you get ALL the products.. this is called getting “ALL IN”. Platinum has it all……. and…
your commissions will range from $1,000 all the way up to $,9,705.

Getting ALL IN Also means this… You commit your to goals and dreams.  You will do whatever it takes to start living the life you want on your terms.

We are committed to you.

We are here for you.

But we can’t do it for you.

YOU have to take 100% responsibility for your life and your mindset, your beliefs and your actions.  But we are here to be in the ‘kick in the butt’ in you will need and the ‘wind beneath your winds’ as you soar.

Let me ask you this…

“How much money does it cost for a college education that you may or may not be able to use?”

“How much money does it cost to start a brick and mortar business with no guarantees?”

“How much is it costing you to NOT pursue your dreams?”

Getting ALL IN with Coastal is a drop in the bucket compared to the others.

The value is tremendous… and it’s this value that you will take and build the life you want.

Coastal Travel Vacations is the vehicle that can take you to the dreams you have, the goals you want to reach and the ability to have freedom to chose the lifestyle you live.

Get started now.

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