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Despite the claims made by internet sites that only their most recent book on marketing network success reveal the secrets needed to earn a lot of money, there are not any real secrets involved. It is a matter of dedication and hard work that make people successful at network marketing and over the years people have attempted to share information about why they failed, but most of those with an introduction to network marketing already know what will not work.

For those thinking about getting into network marketing the secret to survival is caution and skepticism, especially when dealing with companies that only conduct business on the internet. Everyday, there are new offers for making money in a hurry without doing any real work. If you are type of person who believes that line, you are exactly the type of person the scam artists are looking for. In the brick and mortar business world there is not such thing as a free lunch and it is no different in the cyber world.

A basic understanding will help everyone decide which of the network marketing opportunities offer them the best chance for success, but once the decision is made, it will depend on how much work they are willing to put into their new endeavor how much success they achieve. Network marketing is a business and a job. Ask anyone who has ever sold products through a party plan type of business and they will tell you it can be rewarding but it requires work.

The biggest difference between that type of business and network marketing is the name as they both depend on working with others inside a network or friends, family. Business associates and acquaintances to get the business off the ground. It then requires continuous commitment to the job and in finding others looking to make money through sales and distribution.
The network marketing business is simple in its theory, where a company has products to sell and they hire independent contractors, better known as distributors to sell the product for them. In return, they receive a cut of the sale, a percentage offered as a commission on all sales directly made by the distributor. To earn even more money and to add to the company’s sales force, the distributors are encourage to recruit others to work as distributors, in return offering them a percentage of their recruits’ sales as a commission.

How many levels this goes through may be different in many companies, but three to seven levels is typical, depending on the industry. Some companies require two separate legs to the downlines, the term used for those who became distributors under their guidance, which requires people be placed into positions in the downline on alternate legs. The more people who join under each leg, the commission for the recruiter increases.

It is also common for companies to offer non-cash prizes such as trips and cars to help boost their distributors’ recruiting efforts, but the main focus, and the way anyone makes any money is by selling the product.

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