Coastal Vacations Travel Wealth Builders – Christian Team

About Us:

The CWB (Coastal Travel WealthBuilders) is a support and training network within Coastal Vacations. Not sure what Coastal Vacations is? We are a group of like minded people who market wholesale travel packages. Find out more about the packages below!

Now, back to the CWB. There are over 1600 of us! Here is our mission statement, I think it says so much about who we really are:

It is the philosophy of DFI’s Coastal Travelis to “share the wealth” through improving the economic well-being and quality of life of all stake-holders. We understand that through our WealthBuilders’ membership, we become contributing parts of a greater whole. By unleashing and combining the energy, talent, and capacities of all involved, we create and fulfill a shared vision of empowerment.

When you join our winning team, you will be part of:

A dynamic support system that promotes leadership and personal growth
A positive, progressive atmosphere that is conducive to a high level of success within Coastal.
Access to training, coaching, development and support
A philosophy of creating wealth in all areas of our lives

We live, love, learn, and leave powerful legacies together.

The words here are not just words. This is not a bunch of fluff to make us sound good. We all live by this mission statement. We really do pay it forward on a daily basis. You are in business for yourself, but you are truly NEVER by yourself!

For more on our dynamic team click here!

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