6 Ways to Promote Your LGN Revolution or Blog / Online or Offline

You can increase awareness and get more leads for your Coastal Vacations business if you promote it with a blog or website both online and off. And here are some tips to help you.
Online Promotions

– Craigslist.com is a good place to post free classified ads about Coastal Vacations. You can’t spam the site and blast ads all over it. But you can place an ad or two per week in different cities. Check the rules for more details, observe ads there of others and post your own.

– Viral Marketing is another great way to get free advertising. Create an ebook or report about Coastal Vacations and brand it with your blog or website link. Then invite your online guests, friends, prospects and customers to download the report as a free gift and pass it around to their friends. Let them know they can share it on forums and via instant messenger and all avenues, too

– Autoresponders are another great way to get the word out for practically nothing. Sign up with a popular service like 1Shoppingcart or Aweber and then set insert ezine issues and articles into your autoresponders. Set up leads capture forms for them on your blog or website to attract visitors, then offer a free gift (a Coastal Vacations report or guide, etc.) when people subscribe by inserting their name and email into the forms. Also include email addresses to your autoreposnders in your email signature; under your name, write something like:

Offline Promotions

– Include the link to your blog or website on all of your business communications: stationary, postcards, business cards, Thank You cards, holiday greeting cards, brochures, envelopes, labels.

– Look in your local yellow pages or search online for marketing companies that deal with promotional advertising specialties. Then price branded items to give away at events and via postal mail to prospects like: pens, pencils, notepads, sticky notes, stickers, bumper stickers, etc. Always include your domain name on them. (Note: if your domain is too long, purchase a shorter one and redirect traffic there).

– Learn how to write good sales letters and get help from library books and online articles. Then regularly mail out letters to prospects and follow up with phone calls.

Don’t leave everything up to internet marketing. Get out there and promote, online and off!

All the best,

Ms. Johnnie Wright
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