When Was Your Last Vacation?

When Was Your Last Vacation?

Vacations! They can spark imaginations and rekindle romances.  They teach us things that can’t be taught in classrooms or in textbooks.  And they remind us that even among traffic jams and corporate ladders, there’s still something out there worth discovering, weather it’s a couple hundred miles down the road, or halfway around the world.

 It’s the spirit of discovery that makes us proud to offer you some of the best travel services in the world.  Imagine getting $15,000 worth of vacation fun for only $1,295 – which you can use now or – 40 years from now!  With the Coastal Vacations Package it’s easy!

From luxurious hotels, first-rate airlines and romantic resorts, to relaxing cruises, thrilling ski slopes, fine dining and more, you’ll get the best vacation deals available in the industry.

Spoil yourself. Share them with friends and family. Give them as holiday gifts or company bonuses for your employees.  Or use them for your next fundraising event.

Click HERE to view/print our Coastal Vacations Overview for complete details of our vacation packages.


From a Client’s use of the Condo & Hotel Discount Cards:

“My family and I absolutely Love our Coastal Package! We especially enjoy having so many options for stays at Condo’s, Resorts and Hotels. We often check on pricing for our trips with one or more of the vendors in our package to see who has the best price even within our package. We scheduled a trip to Cocoa Beach Florida and checked on pricing for a one-week stay in a two-bedroom/two bath Condo. We got prices from two different companies in our package. They both recommended the exact same Resort right on the beach, they even gave us the Resorts website to check it out. The website showed a price of $1995.00 for the week. One of the companies in the Coastal Package gave us a price of $880 and the other gave us a price of $695, both for the exact same week in the exact same Resort! Obviously we went with the best price. These prices were for 6 months out, pricing would have been even better if we waited to book closer to the Travel date however we needed to book early, but what a great price. Thank you Coastal for not only getting us better prices than the public but also allowing us price competitiveness within the package! – Aaron & Holly



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