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Your Travel Bag May Not Be Big Enough to Carry All Your Money!


Coastal Vacations

Coastal Vacations

Your travel bag may not be big enough to carry all your money because you are making so much everyday in Coastal Vacations.  Coastal Vacations has so many great things going on every month.  So not only will you enjoy vacationing all over the world, you fill your bags with money – commissions ranging from $1,000 up to $9,705 every time someone says YES!

So while you are enjoying what the beautiful islands of Hawaii have for you, you will be making money the entire time you are there.  So soak up the sun, get a sun-kissed tan, have

Coastal Vacations

Coastal Vacations

a tropical drink,and venture throughout the amazing islands.  You will be more than happy to know that you will be saving a fortune on travel and holding a very large travel bag of money.   Join our fun-filled times.

Use Your Money to Stay Warm – Coastal Vacations


Coastal Vacations - Alaska

Coastal Vacations – Alaska

Using your money to stay warm is just the beginning of what Coastal Vacations Christian Team has to offer its associates, especially while you are in  chilly Alaska. Coastal Vacations Christian Team is the winning team.  If you are looking for a company that will have wonderful travel destinations and make $1000’s weekly, while building a very nice income, you would be sure to get on board our winning team.

While in Alaska, there is so much to do from skiing, whale watching, or enjoying the local seafood.

Coastal Vacations - Alaska

Coastal Vacations – Alaska

Bundle up in the snow with the money that you will be making as a Coastal Vacations Christian Team associate.  You will be earning a consistent income, traveling to snowing to Alaska, while making money at the same time.  So put your coats and warm hats to enjoy all that Coastal Vacations Christian Team has for you.  Join us now…

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Coastal Vacations as a Travel Incentive?

Coastal Vacations as a Travel Incentive?

Coastal Vacations - Need Sales?

Coastal Vacations – Need Sales?

Get the “Edge” your Competitors don’t have!

Would you like to be able to give away complimentary Vacations to increase your business? Just imagine an endless supply of cruises, vacation, and travel-related-discounts at your fingertips!

People love to travel! Your company can capitalize on this desire by incorporating Coastal Vacations travel
incentives into your next sales or marketing campaign and get maximum impact. Coastal offers a variety of products that can fit any promotional budget. Whether you want to increase foot traffic at your store, set more appointments, sell more product, liquidate outdated inventory, improve employee performance, or close more sales, Coastal vacations can help you hit your target every time.

Coastal Vacations travel incentives are very effective marketing tools. The high value/low-cost nature of the products is specifically designed to maximize the ROI of your promotion. The variety of popular destinations will have your customers coming back from their vacations with positive feedback and appreciation for the company that issued the certificate to them.

We welcome you to take a closer look at Coastal Vacations! Once you see the high quality of the products you will be proud to offer these to your customers and employees.

Why Use Travel Incentives?
Are you a business owner or responsible for marketing your company’s products and services? Want a better
method for attracting attention, prompting inquiries, increasing perceived value? How about an easier way to close
more sales and generate more repeat sales and referrals?

The Coastal Vacations Travel Incentives Program helps businesses increase sales and we’d like to show you a
better way to motivate prospects and clients to buy from you so you can continue to build your business. If you are

looking for a way to reach and exceed your immediate sales goals and build long-term profitable relationships with
clients, we can help with incentive travel vacations. Our clients achieve a jump in sales when they use Coastal Vacations Travel incentives in a promotional campaign.

Whether you’re a retailer or a business-to-business service company, traditional advertising is less and less effective – and more and

Coastal Vacations - Need Sales?

Coastal Vacations – Need Sales?

more costly – in today’s information saturated marketplace. Even if your ads get your prospects’ attention it can be difficult to motivate them to take the next step and contact you. If you’re successful at getting them on the phone or in the door, the next challenge is prompting your prospects to make a commitment and to buy from you.

Wouldn’t you like an easier, more affordable system to trigger sales? Wouldn’t it be great to shorten your marketing cycle and strengthen repeat sales?

With the proper motivation you can prompt more prospects to contact you and buy from you, again and again. You can improve your sales and profits with travel incentives!

What Can I Use Travel Incentives For?

  • Generate Repeat Sales
  • Employee Incentives – To motivate, retain and reward loyal and efficient employees
  • Customer Loyalty Incentives – To build customer loyalty and trust
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Purchase Incentives – Increase cash flow and obtain money upfront
  • Member Perks – Sell new account or memberships
  • Encourage responsiveness or trial of product or service
  • Improve Employee Performance
  • Create New Markets
  • Foster Teamwork
  • Build Traffic
  • Set Appointments
  • Improve Business Relationships
  • Consumer / User Promotions

Travel Is Considered To Be The Most Effective Reward.
If you think your company is too small or your products and services wouldn’t benefit from travel incentives, think again. We’ve helped companies increase the sales of everything from mortgage companies to real estate agents to auto dealerships to scuba diving shops and many more. We’ve helped companies like yours increase their profits and sales with the Coastal Vacations Business Incentives Program. That’s because no matter what you’re selling, all prospects and employees have one thing in common: they love a vacation!

Business Testimonies:
From A Scuba Diving & Ski Shop:
“I immediately saw the value of this package with my advertising. I started using the package to use complimentary vacations to bring clients for Scuba Instructions and Certifications. Thanks Coastal.” – Brian

From A Window Replacement Company:
“I operate a window replacement company in Ohio, and have serious competition in the window industry. An Independent Rep. called on my company and set an appointment. Realizing how I could become different then my competition, purchased the package the same day, and will now use this to give away vacations to all of my clients purchasing windows. This will be a sure way for leverage over my competition!” – Dave

From An Office System’s Company:
“I had never heard of Coastal Vacationsbefore until my daughter approached me and told me about a Rep. marketing the package, and what we could use the package for. After setting an appointment with the Rep. I decided to use the vacations in the package, not to increase my sales but a way of saying Thank You to all of our clients. We are very fortunate to already have the business. This was just an added bonus to our customers. Also after hearing the presentation, realizing how simple the sales would be with Coastal, my daughter also became a member to market the package. Not only has Coastal helped me by saying Thank You to my clients, it has also given my daughter an opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks.” – Bill & Megan
From A Restaurant Franchise:
“We have over 10 franchise restaurants, we heard about the Coastal Vacations package being used for promotions
and incentives through on of our franchise owners. The Rep. was referred to the headquarters and presented the
package to us. He showed us how we could use the package to promote all of our restaurants. We realized quickly
that we would be able to use this package over and over again with only a one-time investment. It made such
sense in helping out all of our franchises. Each franchise now calls us and orders as many vacations as they want
to use for any of their promotions. Thanks Coastal.” – DennisFrom An Experienced Travel Agent:
“I have owned a Travel Agency for over 10 years. Year after year the profit margin has decreased especially after
9-11. I was approached by a local Rep. in Ohio who sat down, explained the package to me and also showed me
how much I could profit from offering the Coastal package to all my clients. I purchased the package the same day. It was hand delivered and my Rep. Trained me in one week. I started marketing the package immediately to my
clients. I hold group meetings right in my travel agency showing my clients the value. Realizing the savings on
their travel needs for the rest of their lives makes for an immediate sale. I am now at a higher profit margin then I
ever was.” – Tange From A Mortgage Broker:
“With so many different Mortgage Brokers in my area, I needed something that would make me stand out to my
potential clients. My wife told me about the Coastal Vacations package and how we could use it for our family to
go on vacation. When I realized the potential it could provide me for my business also I was ecstatic! Now I am
able to not only take my family of 5 on vacations for wholesale cost, I am also able to provide vacations and
cruises to my clients for referrals and as a Thank You for their business!” – Justin

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