Coastal Travel Vacation Club Pay Plan !!

Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity

Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity

The Coastal Travel Compensation Plan* is very simple. Please take a moment to review the following Diagram since it outlines exactly how you will earn money marketing the Coastal Travel Packages. This Compensation Plan is the only approved way to earn commissions with Coastal Vacations; anyone not adhering to this plan will lose their ability to purchase packages from the Coastal Travel Vacations Wholesale Shipping Center!

It is important to understand the meaning of the following words before reviewing the compensation plan:

The Profit received from the sale of a Coastal Travel Packages are as follows:

$1,000 for a Level 1 Package
$3,000 for a Level 2 Package
$3,200 for a Premier Package (Level 1 & 2 combined)
$7,000 for a Level 3 Package
$9,705 for a Platinum Package (Level 1, 2 & 3 combined)

A Package can only be purchased from a qualified Director who is qualified at that Level. The Director keeps the profit and

Coastal Vacations

Coastal Vacations

he/she sends the wholesale amount to the Shipping Center for processing of the Package.

For Complete Details Click Here to Watch a Video Business Presentation!

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4 thoughts on “Coastal Travel Vacation Club Pay Plan !!

  1. I would like to join coastal vacations and I would love you to be my referrer. Please guide me on the procedures of purchasing a package and on the commission structure. I want to start with the 1000 usd package.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Christine.. I’d be happy to have you on my team!!
      Give me a Call and I will walk you through the procedure and give you options.
      910-688-3158 Welcome to the Team!!


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