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Do You Like Cruises? Coastal Travel Vacations at it’s Best!

Cruises are like vacations where the scenery keeps changing, but you stay in one place. Cruises are like having your own private food court–only way classier. Cruises are like small villages where you and the other passengers and the crew and staff become acquainted and share all the public spaces–restaurants, bars and lounges, showrooms, the pool deck, the casino, the library, the boutique. Cruising is like going on an adventure but having friendly “guides” to help you along the way. Cruising is like looking out at a never-ending horizon or a glimpse of everyday life going on along the shore or riverbank. Cruises are a chance to make your vacation what you want. You’re never really alone, so you feel safe, but you can have as much privacy as you’d like. No one knows you so you can take on a new persona and be the life of the party, shedding inhibitions in a way that you’d never dare in your “real life.” Since there are so many different kinds of cruises and ships, you can find one that fits your desires and expectations and make yourself right at home.

There are activities going on all day. The activities are so varied, you’ll probably find something for you to do! There are

Coastal Travel Vacations - Cruises

Coastal Travel Vacations – Cruises

contests like survivor, belly flop competitions, scavenger hunts, etc. Then there’s trivia, bingo, game shows, karaoke, etc. In addition, whenever you win anything, you gain points for you team. Basically, the ship is divided into three teams: red, white, and blue. If you win, you let them know what team you’re on. The winners also usually get a coveted “ship on a stick” trophies.

The food is also great on Carnival. Most ships have a deli, 24-hour pizza station, Chinese station, and a couple more buffet options. Then there is the dining room. Some ships also have supper clubs, which serve food made-to-order using finer ingredients than in the dining room. There is usually live piano music, and a limited number of guests, so the environment is much more intimate.

Everyday you’ll get the newsletter, the Carnival Capers, which explains everything above, and provides a rip-out list of the day’s activities.

There’s a whole lot more to know! The best way to learn it all is to just go on a cruise and experience it for yourself.

Coastal Travel Vacations offers 3 different Travel memberships. With the Basic package you are given 6 Complimentary Cruises.  With the Premier package you are given an unlimited amount of complimentary cruises. With these cruises, you are only responsible for taxes and port fees.

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