Coastal Travel Business Opportunity – Coastal Freedom at it’s BEST!!

Travel Business Opportunity

Coastal Travel Vacations Coastal Freedom at it's BEST

Coastal Travel Vacations
Coastal Freedom at it’s BEST

Are you searching for a travel business opportunity that fits your budget, your income earnings potential and just good ole’ fashioned enjoyment for your life?

I believe you’ve come to the right place!

Ms JohnnieI have enjoyed my travel business opportunity since 2005 and I have no intention of closing up shop.  I’d like to share with you a bit about why I’m passionate about my chosen path in hopes that I can inspire you to follow suite or at the very least, make you aware of this travel business opportunity option.

Travel Business Opportunity Options

There are three options for being in a travel business opportunity that I can think of.

1)  Purchase a travel franchise.  This is costly and it would take quite awhile before you’re in the black.  Basically, you’ve bought yourself a 90 hour a week job, much like option #2 below.  With a franchise, you agree to certain terms and conditions oftentimes costing you a CV.LazyRiver.Kidstremendous outlay of cash and work hours.  With this model, you are a travel agent assisting your customers in securing their vacations.

2)  Start your own full-blown travel business.  Again… you are the travel agent.  You work with individuals on all aspects of their vacation, from the lodging to the airfare to the car rentals to the excursions.  And you receive a small percentage of what you reserve for them.  My cousin owns a travel business and there’s not a lot of profits in it.

3)  Travel Club Business Model.  Step into a pre-existing travel business opportunity where you can make tremendous profits yet don’t do any of the work.  It’s a self-serve, lifetime travel club membership travel business opportunity.

This was the route I chose and I love the commissions, the lifestyle, the travel, but without any time making reservations for others.

* High Commissions
* Low Time Investment
* High Customer Satisfaction

Do I have your attention?  I thought so!   Let me tell you more about it.

Travel Business Opportunity Club Membership Model

To make a point about how valuable the travel business opportunity club membership model is (the specific one I’m going to share with you), I’d like to make some assumptions about you’re preferences.  I know it’s bold to do that, and if I’m wrong, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know… but I think I’m going to be spot on.

Here’s my 5 assumptions….

travel business opportunity

First, I’m going to assume that when you vacation, you’d much rather stay in a beautiful fully furnished 1, 2, 3 bedroom, 1, 2,3  bedroom bath condo than in a stuffy and cramped motel/hotel.

Second, I’m going to assume that you’d appreciate paying anywhere between $199 and $399 for an entire 7 nights stay in such a condo

Coastal Travel Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations

rather than twice to three or fours times that to stay at that stuffy and cramped motel/hotel.

Third, I’m assuming that when you travel, you appreciate resort style accommodations where you have of course your pool, or in some cases, multi-pools, spa services, golfing on site, in-house theaters and coffee shops and restaurants, bicycling, lakes with paddle boating, the list goes on.  If you’ve ever stayed at a resort you know what I’m talking about.

Fourth, I’m assuming you detest the idea of owning a timeshare… the headaches, the maintenance fees, the usage limitations, the cost of the unit to begin with… UGH!

Fifth, I’m assuming if you could snap your fingers, you sure would love to stay at a timeshare resort so long as you didn’t have to own it.

Well.. good news.

The travel business opportunity that I have aligned myself with that offers EXACTLY those five assumptions… have provided me with travel and income lifestyle since 2005.

travel business opportunityAs a member of the lifetime travel club and as an affiliate for the membership, I am able to simply refer this travel membership to others and receive significant commissions the same day someone Joins.


Thing 1 – I needed a high ticket commissionable product with little or no refund requests because the value was so high to the end consumer…

Thing 2 – I wanted to be able to work my own hours using just my laptop from the comfort of my home or anywhere in the world.

Thing 3 – I had a strong passion for getting out and traveling.

So I set out online to discover a high paying travel business opportunity that I could jump into.  And I did… However to make a long story short, it was a disaster.  I was gullible and lost several thousands of dollars.

I regrouped, found Coastal Travel and I’ve never looked back.

Coastal Travel offers three memberships.. Basic, Premier, and Platinum.

I can use the membership as often as I would like during the year with no limitations.

I also love to travel and I can do more of that when I’m only paying $199 to $399 for the entire week for a fabulous fully furnished condo! I enjoy the taxes only Vacations that are at my disposal any time I want..

Travel Business Opportunity Income

When I refer these memberships, I make commissions ranging from…

$1,000 on our Basic Package.

$3,200 on our Premier Package.

$9,705 on our Platinum Package.

Imagine what JUST ONE Referral a month would mean!

Just imagine making JUST ONE referral a month at Platinum and making $9700.

Or even making JUST ONE referral of the Premier membership and making $3200 a month.

Even making JUST ONE referral a month of the Basic is $1000.

For many families looking to supplement their income with a travel business opportunity, $1000 a month is pretty nice for them.

So what about you? 

What do you see for yourself in terms of income? 

Why are you looking for  a travel business opportunity and how much time do you want to invest for the return you make?

These are questions you want to answer for yourself.

 I discovered a few things about my travel business opportunity and being successful…

1)  It’s the same time, energy and effort to have someone say “YES” to a small travel ticket product as it is for the high ticket travel product.  So gosh darn, get paid what you’re worth!

2)  Not all travel clubs are equal.

3)  You can set up an automation process that allows people to find what you have to offer, have videos and information for people to go through and position yourself as the ‘go to’ person for questions and answers.

Travel Business Opportunity Due Diligence

I invite you to watch an overview on this travel business opportunity and then be sure and get with me with any questions you have.

I’ve been using and referring this membership since 2005, so for the past 8 years as of the date of this article so I’m well qualified to assist you.

Doing a little bit of research to learn more about the Coastal Travel business opportunity will be well worth your time.

Travel Business Opportunity Details

Here’s the steps you want to take to get all the details.

Step 1:  Opt in to my Coastal Travel business newsletter.  I’ll be sending you a series of emails with helpful information and I’ll keep you Vacation.Bannerupdated on a few of our travel deals so you can see first hand what’s in store for your customers who purchase the membership from you.

Note:  You can unsubscribe anytime, no worries.  There’s always a link at the bottom of every email providing you a one-click opt out.

Step 2: After you opt-in above, you’ll be taken to the complete overview.   You’ll watch a short video presentation on what Coastal Travel is, how we can offer these vacation weeks for up to 90% off Expedia’s best price and why people all over the world just love this travel club membership.

Step 3:  Give me a ring or email me and let me know what’s on your mind.  What questions do you have that I may be able to assist you with.  Contact me above using the form. Hey – Don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog – Top Right!!

Coastal Travel may or may not be what you’re looking for.  However, get the details because it just may be exactly what you’re looking for.  Starting this travel business opportunity will allow you to put in the hours you want, receive unlimited commissions that are significant to your pocketbook and lifestyle and allows you to work from anywhere.

I think you’ll love it.  I’ll show you how you can build a business AND have a life!

Happy Travels and Lifestyle!   Coastal Freedom at its BEST!! 

Christian Team

Christian Team

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie

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