Coastal Vacations is NOT a Scam — Review!!

With so many things being said about Coastal Vacations, its travel packages, and its business opportunity, people on the internet could get confused about what Coastal Vacations really is and if it really is a legitimate home based business and travel package.

Coastal Travel Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations

First of all, Coastal Vacations is an association of entrepreneurs that have purchased a travel package at any of the three levels available and market these same packages at wholesale prices or as a business opportunity.

Here are some questions that people ask about Coastal Vacations that will really clarify what Coastal really is:

How do I know this isn’t a scam and shut down tomorrow?

All of the companies that are represented in this package are some of the most respected and ethical companies in the vacation and travel industry including Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Wyndham, Quest Cards, Alamo Car Rental, Access, etc.

Coastal only works with companies who are licensed and bonded and most of the companies in this package have been in business for the past 15 to 25 years and handle million of client calls yearly.

How can all this value in a Vacation Package cost only $1,295 wholesale?

First you have to understand how the Vacation & Travel Industry works. The price of a resort stays, cruise, or an airline ticket depends entirely upon projected capacities and vacancy rates.

A resort rarely achieves 100% capacity, and empty rooms cost them money. Resorts will reduce the room rates and create special packages to attract guests to their resorts because people will always spend money on restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and casinos. Another factor is that Coastal purchases in huge quantities.


Why is Coastal Vacations an association and not a publicly traded company?

Great question! Coastal Vacations is an association with a Board of Director, but it is not a publicly traded company to protect itself from lawsuits and people out there that are hurting the home based business industry. Most people don’t hear about it, but chances are all of the big MLM and home business companies have many lawsuits against them because of unsatisfied clients.

In any company there will be unsatisfied clients, but Coastal can never be shut down because it is an association and each entrepreneur is its own business owner. Coastal Vacations simply gives its members the ability to get a travel package at wholesale prices; the same as if you were selling shoes, buying from the shoe factory at wholesale and selling them at retail prices at your store.
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