Starting a Travel Home Based Business – What Are You Afraid of?

fear-of-failureStarting a network marketing home based business can be fun and exciting.  But, so many people get scared at the thought.

If you’re like most people, you have dreams that have not been realized.

You have debt that grows rather than shrinks.

You have the 9-5 grind you hate but accept and you spend 40 years of your life, and sometimes more, doing that.

You have places you’ve always wanted to go, things to discover and explore, tastes to experience and the older you get, the more you live in regret.

First, identify why these things are happening and you’ll most like find the answer is a lack of time and finances.

Second, if lack of time and finances are the problem, what steps have you take to change that? What are your options?

Another job?  No, that creates a bigger problem.

Entrepreneurship?  Yes. But, with that comes the question of what kind of entrepreneurship.

Creating your own product?

Opening a brick and mortar store?

Buying a franchise?

Marketing another product for a company through network marketing?

The fastest, simplest way to get started is through starting a  Network Marketing Home Based Business, so let’s talk about this in this article.

If you understand that you have all the tax benefits of a business owner, that in itself should be motivation enough to get started.  But I understand that many  people become anxious, fearful and come to a complete halt at the thought of starting an endeavor with network marketing.

What’s mind boggling to me however, is that people will endure a life of doing things they hate and that keep them in bondage, totally unfulfilled and unhappy, even hopeless and depressed rather than exploring deeper into why they may be fearful of something that has the potential to drastically change their life!

So, what are YOU so afraid of?  I love helping people start their own business and I’m often finding myself in this conversation with people.  I wish there was a magic wand that I can wave to remove the fear because it would remove the fog from the lens of the mind and allow the individual to realize their potential.

I’ve listed some of the more common fears people have in starting a network marketing home based business and perhaps you can relate to one or more of them.

1)  I could incur a  big financial loss

I consider a  financial loss something in the $40K above category.  That’s just a bit under the cost of a nice new non-luxury car).  A big financial loss would be more in the 6 figures.  There’s no network marketing companies that I know of that’s going to require any of those kinds of cost.  A high ticket item in direct sales for network marketing can be considered $1,500 to $30,000 and yes, those are out there.  But even at that, it’s not the end of the world if things don’t work out.

So let’s back that amount down even more.  There are many opportunities you can affiliate with for under $500.  Some have monthly auto ship purchases and some do not.  Those are called one-time purchases.  It would be silly to call that kind of money a financial loss if you decided to not go forward.  People spend $500 on QVC stuff they don’t need, on junk food and movies and stuff that just doesn’t matter.

So, financial loss can be crossed off the list.  BAM! No excuse.  This is an excuse for not starting a network marketing home based business.

2.  What if I fail?

So what if you fail!  If you want to learn to ride a bike, would you not hop on?  Or would you sit on the sidelines all your life watching other people ride bikes because then you don’t have to fail and fall.  This is a total mindset issue.  If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can’t, you can’t.  You will create your own reality based on your belief system.   The better question would be to ask yourself what can you do so you don’t fail?  Those are the questions you should be asking.  Unless you want to do the 9-5 grind for the next 40-50 years.

So, “What if I fail?” is crossed off the list.  BAM! Not moving forward for fear of failure is weak.  It’s a wrong belief system and an easy excuse to an underlying deeper root problem.  I would suggest that the underlying problem could be a fear of  what you think other people will think of you.

3.  What are people going to think of me?

Why should you care what others think?  Who are these others?  Family, friends, fellow students, co-workers?  Where are they in their lives?  Are they living their dream lifestyle?  Noooooo.   Their thoughts of you don’t matter.  You should only care about what you’re doing to secure your family’s financial security and fulfilling your goals, dreams, living your passion, making a difference in the lives of others, etc.  This is about YOU.  Not your neighbor, your dad, your best friend, or the tennis coach.   They are not paying your bills.  They are not living your life.  You must live your life.  You get one chance to get it right.  Start living for yourself and not making decisions to do or not do something based on a fear of what they will think.

So, “What will other’s think about me?” is crossed off your list.  BAM! Get excited about living life… this is not about what others think.  It’s about what you think about what you’re doing.

4. Not knowing what to do once you join a network marketing company.

This is why you sponsor shop.  You are not obligated to sign up with the first person you come in contact with in a particular company.  If you find a network marketing company that interests you, sponsor shop.  Look around, find out who’s doing what, see who’s in the game of truly running their business and connect with them.  The sponsor you choose should be glad to  coach you along, refer to you great resources and training materials and connect you with groups, forums, communities where you have the chance to get to know MANY fellow network marketers.  Never put all your focus on one mentor or coach.  Have many!  But, you can definitely join the network marketing company of your choice, with the sponsor of your choice.

I was coaching with a student today and we were talking about sponsor abandonment.  Heck, in today’s society, those who have sponsors that have flown the coop can still thrive and learn and create empires online based on the training available.  It’s not like it was in the old day where you relied heavily on your sponsor for everything.  That is old school.  Today’s entrepreneurs are getting help and building lasting relationships with their sponsors if they are available.  If they are not available, then it’s in no way, shape or form, keeping them back.  There’s a buffet to pick from in terms of what you want to learn, how to implement and rocking and rolling in your business.

Invest in your education and learn what you need to learn to create that lifestyle for you and your family that you so deserve.

So, not knowing where to start is not an issue.  BAM!  Cross that off your list.  It’s an excuse.
Make a list of all the excuses (yes, they are excuses) you can come up with and then have a business coach challenge you to face them.  Or, look in the mirror and face yourself.  You have one life.  Live it to the fullest and understand that if you choose to do the 9-5 grind for 40+ years, it’s a decision you yourself are responsible for.  Our schools and education system teach us how to grow up and become a slave to business owners.  You’d better serve your family and community by becoming a business owner.  Just food for thought.

5. I don’t know if something is a Scam.

Well, it’s easy enough to tell if something is a scam.  You can use your brain, look up to see if the company has leadership, an address, value based products, a track record, goodness.  This is way overused as an excuse.  Sure, there’s shady stuff out there, but you’re smart enough to know the difference.  Put on your professional hat and quit using that as an excuse.

So, worried about scams can be crossed off your list.  BAM!

6.  I don’t have time.

Hmmmm, I super challenge this one.  Here’s why.  People will always (100%) of the time, FIND the time for things they are interested in and desire to do.  I see this all the time.  It’s about prioritizing and the things of the heart always reveals the truth.  I’ve seen this over and over and over.  Someone is ‘too busy’ to do anything else, but then an opportunity to do something comes up and they jump at it.  Until you determine that building a business to reap the rewards for what it can provide for you family, the “I’m too busy” will always be a quick blow off excuse.

So, “I don’t have the time” can be crossed off your list.  BAM!

I would so love to hear from you on your thoughts about fears for not getting started in business.  By no means is this the complete list.  I’d have to write a book in that case.  But these are very everyday most common excuses I encounter.

How can I help you overcome?  How can I help you see that you deserve all of lives beautiful experiences?  Please leave me a Comment and Share  Thanks!

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright
Founder – Coastal Christian Team

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