Coastal Vacations? Coastal Freedom? Coastal Travel? DFI?

This is not going to be a long article. I just wanted to talk a little about the calls I’ve been getting lately.

I’ve received this one question a lot from people who are finding me on google, you tube, Facebook, etc that
are searching for Coastal.  They want to know what the difference between Coastal Vacations, Coastal Freedom,
Coastal Travel, DFI Coastal Travel.

Simple Answer:  NOTHING.  No difference.

No matter what an individual director decides to say or use for marketing their business, we’re all working the same product, make the same commissions (1000 up to 9705 per Sale), with the same board of directors, etc..

The Official Name though is Coastal Vacations.  Hope this has helped the ones who have been wondering but have yet to ask..  Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless You Always!!  🙂

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Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright
Founder – Coastal Christian Team

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Christian Team

Coastal – Freedom at it’s BEST!!

4 thoughts on “Coastal Vacations? Coastal Freedom? Coastal Travel? DFI?

  1. Why did the CA gov Jerry Brown call it a pyramid scheme in a video l saw on the web and ask it’s owners to return around $50,000 back to each of its affiliates that he says it ripped off deliberately…


    • Hi. If you will find the original video of that lawsuit and read what came with it, you will see that it had nothing to do with Coastal. It was another Travel company and from my understanding that travel company actually won the lawsuit.

      Sometimes with the internet you’ll get unethical people that will use ANYTHING they can to get people away from looking at Coastal and looking at their business. BE AWARE.. stay away from those people. (like using a video that doesn’t even mention the word Coastal).

      Hope this has helped.. Have a great day and Be Blessed!!

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  2. Coastal Vacations? Coastal Freedom? Coastal Travel? DFI? | Coastal Vacations Travel

    Thanks so much.. this clears it up big time!


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