Is Coastal Vacations Travel Network Marketing?

Me.EnjoySixFiguresCoastal Vacations Travel is an association of entrepreneurs that market the Coastal Vacations travel packages at wholesale prices.  Coastal Vacations does have a compensations system, but it is not an MLM, Network Marketing, a Pyramid, or anything like that.

Coastal Travel uses a 2-up compensation plan.  There is a lot of confusion because a lot of people think that Coastal Vacations is an MLM or a Pyramid.  The 2-Up system basically works this way:

Coastal Travel gives a minimum commission of $1000 to its members, actually, they get to get that money in their hands themselves first and then order the travel package from the Coastal Vacations shipping center called N.B. Management our of Florida.

A Coastal Travel member is called a Director. There is Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 directors. Each director brings people on board and they help their new associates to make their first two sales by training them in one of the many systems that the Coastal Vacations groups offer and helping them close the sales.

Then, the first two sales of the new associates are passed up to the Director because he helped close those sales, called training sales.

Once an associate gives his director two training sales, he now becomes a director and can make money at the level that he comes in at.

This system is very attractive to a lot of entrepreneurs because once they make their first two sales they can make a minimum of $1000 per sale. Coastal Travel has commissions of $1000, $3200, and $9700 depending on the level if these packages are sold retail.

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3 thoughts on “Is Coastal Vacations Travel Network Marketing?

  1. I joined coastal vacation under Marty Challenger of Navato CA…I never qualified out… Because of Marty Challenger s age I’m seeking different upline support/different director could I come under someone on your team that would help me qualify out and get into profits???? Tomorrow I’ll be home after 1 pm central time call asap then!!!


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