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Working From Home – What Does it Look Like?

So you want to work from home? You want to be your own boss and have total freedom of your money and your life?  If you make working from home a career there will be 4 phases of that career.  Understanding what to expect will help you get to your ultimate goal of independence and financial freedom.  The four phases will be the learning phase, working phase, investing phase and luxury phase.

workingfromhomeThe learning phase is where if you have a legitimate way to work from home you will be learning the product, how to acquire and speak to clients on a regular basis.  During this phase you should have someone who you shadow and or a mentor on a regular basis.  You should be able to reach out to this person on a regular basis.  The learning phase is a foundation to everything else.  It’s the quickest phase to get through and it should take you 2 weeks to 2 months.  After that you should be moving into the working phase.

The working phase is where you are simply in the trenches head down building a lucrative income and working.  This should be when you are heavily plugging into Dani Johnson and what she teaches daily and essentially mastering the basics you learned in the learning phase.  In the first phase you learned how to work, but in this phase you are working to learn.  This is when you will gain the most skill in your new business and you eventually are seen as an expert.  This is also the phase where you are applying Dani Johnson’s “War on Debt” and starting the journey of independence paying down your debt.  During the working phase you become very efficient at working and proficient.  You will be in this phase for 3 to 5 years.  In the end you will have become debt-free built a size-able influence over clients and business associates.

The investing phase comes next.  In the investing phase you still work but it’s second nature and on autopilot.  You don’t second guess the basics.  But you also begin to invest in yourself, your people and your income.  This is where your business has become so successful you need new skill set to manage the money.  Most likely when you started working from home you were from poor to middle class society.  No one taught you the business and tax strategies needed to properly handle your taxes when we are making 200K plus (good problem to have).  You have to lean how to acquire and manage professionals in your life you didn’t know you needed before.  You probably don’t know what a “good” CPA, lawyer or financial advisor looks like. In your “non” working hours you will be learning new skills preparing you for the future.  You will be learning how to take all of your extra money and invest it in creating multiple streams of income, making it last for generations. At this point you will have become a master in your work from home profession and there will be people behind you that need the info you have. You will be investing much of your free time investing in other people and helping them to succeed and reach newer heights.

TRAVEL COLLECTIONFinally it’s the luxury stage.  This is where you will have put the 3 bucket theory of wealth into practice. You have multiple streams of income due to your investments and you have ultimate financial security and stability.  You are never worried about money and you are not concerned about “working for dollars”.  You may go to work because you want to be productive or have some short-term goal.  But in the luxury stage you don’t have any stress from lack of time or money.  You can vacation every month if you want to.  People will envy your life style but the fact is you worked for it.  You can spend 100% of your time with family, friends and just giving back.  You could travel the world as a missionary and never need to be “paid” anything.  You have total freedom!  This is the luxury phase and you made it, congrats!


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