DFI Live Hero of the Month Ms Joanie Generates 30K Doing the Basics!!

This Article came in from DFILive.com and I just had to share Joanie’s Testimony — Enjoy!!

Joanie: The Power of Just Doing the Basics

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Congratulations to Joanie for being chosen as the DFI Hero of the Month!! Is it possible to earn a substantial income, a life-changing income, just quietly going along doing the basics???? YES!!! Recently, Joanie broke her own income record! After several months of making $3,000-$10,000 a month, she generated over $30,000, “just doing the basics.”

Joanie and her husband, Anthony, were not accustomed to making that kind of money. Before finding Coastal, they really struggled to make ends meet monthly. Anthony worked in the oil fields in pipeline installation. He was often gone for weeks at a time and the income was inconsistent. Joanie operated a small in-home day care, juggling caring for children and paying the bills. In an attempt to make things a little better, they decided to make a move, in which Anthony would take on a new position.

Joanie moved first with their two children. She decided to get a couple of jobs to pay the bills, so she took up working as a waitress in a local restaurant and teaching at a preschool. She initially thought she would enjoy working a 9-5 job like everyone else, but soon found it taxing to be away from her children that many hours a day and still did not have enough income to take care of their needs. Anthony’s new job fell through and they were left living off credit cards and feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.He

clip image004 thumb January Hero Of the MonthMore and more desperate, Joanie began seeking out what it meant to work from home. After filling out a few forms on the internet and receiving many phone calls, she was called by her director. She knew right off that what he had was different. She was impressed by his integrity, and the simplicity and genuineness of the system that she saw. Making the decision to start her business with Coastal, she attended First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson.

Coming out of that event, Joanie was so excited by all that she had learned that she insisted Anthony should go! She made several thousand dollars right away through Coastal and came home to be with her children again.

Joanie and Anthony have paid off $50,000 in debt in just 23 months, thanks to the increased income from Coastal and the “War on Debt” strategies they learned at First Steps to Success. With only $20,000 more to go, they are planning to be debt-free by the end of this year.

clip image006 thumb January Hero Of the MonthJoanie is looking forward to bringing her husband home. “He always supported me in Coastal. Now we will be able to spend more time together and we’ll be working together – as a team.” They are excited about the possibilities of what they will be able to do with their kids. They are looking forward to showing their kids the steps to be anything they want to be and they are going to have fun doing it! They’ve already been able to do more traveling together as a family and they are looking forward to even more.

Joanie’s vision is so much bigger than herself and her family. She loves “handing someone the keys to a fresh start.” Joanie wants to see her success duplicate itself in others. She knows that “the only limits we have are the limits we put on ourselves.” Her passion and fire are to help people experience the world without limits.

Always learning and applying what she’s learned, Joanie found that the best thing she can do for her business is keep it simple! “Stick to the basics. Stay focused. Stay on track. When you get comfortable, remember where you came from. I made over 5 figures a month just doing the basics: pick up the phone, read scripts, and do it all over again.”

Way to go, Joanie!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Congratulations!!!

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