Testimony from Cindy Who Saved Over $1800 Using her Coastal Travel Vacations Membership!

Royal Kona Resort

We got this email from Cindy!

We wanted to forward this over to you. Cindy, recently saved a ton of money using her Coastal Travel Membership. Read what she had to say…

Hi, This is Cindy from Ca.
My husband is very leery about everything. He could not understand how people could save so much money on a vacation. We finally bought the Premier membership, after about 6 months.

This August we went to Kona Hawaii, one of my dreams. We stayed at Royal Kona Resort. It was absolutely beautiful. We got an Ocean Front Room that was upgraded, from a regular standard room because of the Coastal Vacations membership, we could hear the waves outside our room we watched the sunsets every night from the patio outside our room, and they were spectacular. We stayed for 7 days. The normal price for this room was $450.00 a night we got the room for $189.00 per night taxes and everything included. That is a $1,825.00 savings in just the room not to mention the savings we got on Food, and Beverages, and activities, we went on a Deep Sea fishing trip, a Luau, and a Dinner cruise, all up to 50% savings.

When my Husband saw the savings that we made, he was amazed and he is telling all of his clients about it and we upgraded to the Platinum membership so that we could travel worldwide and save even more.

Thanks Coastal

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Way to start living your dreams Cindy! If you are not already a Coastal Travel member saving thousands of dollars on your travel, then give your Director a call and get your membership ordered NOW!

Cindy’s Director, earned $3,200 when she purchased her Premier membership and then earned another $7,000 when she purchased her Platinum upgrade when returning from vacation. Could you just imagine working from home part-time and earning $3,200 when a client purchased a Premier membership from you. Then have them use the product, return home, and love it so much they decide to upgrade to the Platinum membership?! Then you would earn another $7,000 for doing nothing more than answering the phone and getting their payment information. Think about it, what would an extra $7,000 do for you and your family?

If you want to make money like Cindy’s Director, then get your travel membership ordered today!

Source: DFI Live

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