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You Can Reshape That Box You’re Living In!!


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Do you ever feel limited?  Do you feel like you are on a treadmill that is going faster and faster but you can’t seem to catch up?  Do you feel trapped like there is nothing you can do to improve things?  The stress is overwhelming, then you may hear of a new job, opportunity or home business… but then you are concerned that it won’t work for you or it’s simply not possible.

phil413-1You do not want to miss out on an opportunity or a solution in your life and neither would I.  But I’ve walked away from things that could have helped me and so have you.  You see we live in a box that we allow life to put around us at times.  We just have to make do with the best that we can with what we are dealt with.  But the box is more like a brick wall that we keep hitting our head against.

Steve Jobs in an interview in his mid twenties when asked how he was so successful, was it luck or what was it.  He stated that when you realized you actually don’t live in a box that confines you but you actually live in a box that you have the power to reshape.  Life becomes much more enjoyable.  So your mind controls your lifestyle versus past experience or broken beliefs that maybe come from our childhood or past failures.  Just because you’ve struggled for the success that you want doesn’t mean successful people just get lucky or you have to be born into a successful family.

If that was the case then there is no reason for you to look for a better solution.  It’s why many people think of working from home has to be some type of scam or untrue. But the millions of people who do it every day would never doubt the legitimacy of such an idea.  How could they?  It’s how they feed their families.  So remember Steve Jobs reshaped our lifestyle and ideas of computers and he predicted he could move the walls that others thought were impossible 20+ years ago.  If he didn’t believe it and then prove it we would not have iphones or ipads today.

You may not be Steve Jobs yet…  But what he understood was a basic business principle that we can all adhere to.  Even if you aren’t Steve Jobs, if you worship a big God and not the limitations of your current experience a way will be made (through you for you by him).  So do you worship your limitations or God, your actions and the direction you take is the only fruit anyone can ever judge. Source: Stacey, DFI

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