Tips For a California Road-Trip

Here are 6 tips for a perfect California coast road trip:

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1. Prepare for no phone service in Big Sur

No phone service?! Wait, what? Once you hit San Simeon and Big Sur, phone service pretty much stops.
So say goodbye to texting / snapping / instagram / researching random a** facts on Google, and just enjoy the ride.

2. Create a list of must-sees

It comes in handy to do a little research before your trip. Create a list of must-sees.


3. Ask a local

Local recommendations are key. Locals are more inclined to give you honest, unfiltered and personalized advice.
Without the help of our Air BnB family, friendly locals, and even gas station attendants, it’ll be hard to find:
Nepenthes Restaurant (in Big Sur), Centrally Grown Restaurant (in Cambria) and Ragged Point (in Big Sur) to see the sunset.


4. Whatever you do, hike the waterfalls

After you’ve been sitting in a car for many hours, a hike feels amazing….
and it’s even better when there’s a waterfall at the end of it. It’s like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!
Salmon Creek Trail and Limekiln Trail are both excellent waterfall hikes.

Hike Salmon Creek Trail, which is only 1/2 a mile from the trail-head. Super easy and rewarding.

Start your way up Salmon Creek Trail and hang a left. You’ll traverse over a rocky path, then walk across a
mini bridge to reach the beautiful 120-foot falls. It’s nature paradise in this tiny cove (*obsessed*)!

Arrive to McWay Falls early to avoid tourists


One of the biggest attractions at Big Sur is McWay Falls.
Since this beautiful spot is packed with tourists, parking can be a little tricky too.
Walk half a mile to the overlook and it’s easy to see why this spot is so popular!  It’s absolutely gorgeous.

4. Save $ and do Air Bed and Breakfast

Air BnB is the BEST. You a.) save money b.) get local recommendations c.) get a home cooked breakfast adorable people who invite your into their homes (like Bill & Janice).


5. Tour Hearst Castle in the early morning

Hearst Castle is stunning and undeniably charming. It’s best to take a morning tour to avoid the heat (especially since there’s no AC inside).

The Grand Rooms Tour, which tours 5 rooms is perfect for first-time visitors of the castle and costs $25.
Overall though, I’d still recommend to anyone making their way up the coast.


6. Eat lots of pastries in Solvang

Solvang is an adorable little Danish town just two hours north of Los Angeles. The pastries are GREAT!

Fill your tummy with sweets galore: butter-cream fudge, cinnamon crumb cake, pretzels and chocolate toffee.
Pure bliss!



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