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FREE Money – The Real Value


Hard to believe it’s already March! And with it, tax season… along with those refunds many people will be receiving. Is that you? Americans, on average. will receive a $3,000 refund this year from the government.

If you are one of those people getting a check in the mail, what is your plan for it? Are you going to be that 1 out of 3 Americans who blow their check, like last year? If you happen to be among those who have to pay taxes, don’t check out yet… because you might still hold this particular money mindset.

Let’s talk this through. Because the truth is, 98% of the population views a tax refund as “free money!”

Let’s ignore the fact this money isn’t exactly “free” for a moment, because either way, that is how people see it. And just like finding a $20 bill on the side of the road or winning the lottery, people are more inclined to spend “free money.” What is it that makes free money less valuable than the money you work for? It’s worth the same amount, right? A dollar in one hand is still worth a dollar in the other hand. Yet, the two types of income are treated differently.

Can you imagine how different your finances would look if you treated all the “free money” or financial windfalls you’ve received in your lifetime, the same way you treated your paycheck? The bonuses from work, all those tax refunds, money from your grandma on your birthday.

Depending on how old you are, it would likely have a big impact on your finances and your financial habits. But when you don’t have a plan or a vision for your money, it will get sucked into other things. There is never a shortage of things to buy.

Today, I want to challenge you to dispose of the “free money” mentality. Even those 20 bucks on the side of the road, that could be another $20 less debt you owe on that credit card.

When you are faithful with the small things, you are made ruler over much. Am I saying you’ll get more “free money”? No, because someone who is financially responsible doesn’t degrade the value of money – no matter the source. But that same person is working toward the reality of financial independence and stability, not just the hope of having it.

Even before you file your taxes this year, decide what your plan for that money is! Work it into your budget just like you would (or should) any other income. Maybe save it in the bank, invest it back into your education or use it to pay off your debt! Share your ideas with me below and make sure you share this new mindset with your friends and family on social media.

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