3 Things You Must Have to Make Money From Home!


I told you I’d share a successful home business must have in my last post.  I’m a man of my word and I want you to know exactly what you need to be looking for if you want ever want to make a lucrative income.  The first one goes without saying you need an amazing product, but not just any product.  You need a product people want.  Second, you must have a solid system on getting clients, showing clients the details and bringing clients to a decision and finally you need Dani Johnson’s training and a solid way to implement it.  I’ll share more on that in a moment!

First, let’s talk about the product you need a product that people want to buy, not just what they need.  Ask any life insurance sales man, everyone is going to die and everyone needs life insurance.  Not everyone “wants” to buy life insurance!  For me I chose the travel industry, why?  Ask 1,000 people what they would do if they won the lottery and 990 of them will probably say travel the world, go on an amazing vacation and give their family and friends memories.  Most people go into debt just to take a vacation every single year.  So when you find a product people want now make sure it’s got a solid track record.  Ideally something that’s been around for 20+ years, then you have real stability

Second, you should never have to create websites, video’s or other presentations.  Look to work with an organization that has already done that.  The company or group you work with should already have in place not only websites, contact management systems, toll-free numbers, pre-written emails and tons of results of people using those websites and tools successfully and succeeding. Do you have access to the same thing other successful people before you have used?  Bottom line is there a very simple way to have constant fresh clients interested in what you have and coming to you?

Third, there has to be solid training in place.  As long as you have a product that is lucrative, you just need someone to walk you step by step how to successfully market it and deal with your new clients. No one teaches this better than Dani Johnson, she has scripts that you can use with your websites that show you how to start the conversation and turn da-luxury-lifestylea prospect into a client from A to Z.  I often times tell people I just want to learn to master everything Dani teaches and become really good a showing others how to apply it to our products and business model.  The key you have to ask your self do you have someone who you can regularly connect with?  Someone who’s already making 6 figures and has for years.  Do you have their phone number, email and do they answer or respond when you reach out them. Do they always have an answer to train you with.

If you got started with a product and/or company but you don’t have that training Dani Johnson should absolutely become your base line!  Use her training, buy her script books right away, I made 104,000 dollars my first year using her training.  Previously I had never worked from home before and that was over 10 years ago.  104,000 dollars is the least I’ve ever made, period.  Use her training, it has helped 1,000’s generate 10,000’s of 1,000’s working from home.

So if you want to make a lucrative income working from home and you’ve found a product that pays well to market and it’s a product people WANT not just need.  If you’ve found a system that works and others are making 6 figures and if you have someone training you showing step by step how to apply exactly what Dani Johnson teaches you are well on your way to a 6 Figure income!

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