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How First Steps to Success Has Helped Dianne!


Prior to attending First Steps to Success, I was struggling and completely burdened emotionally, physically and financially.

As a Single Mom of 3 with no income to speak of, literally grasping at ways to feed my kids who were younger through those years, continually living in overdraft at the bank, worrying constantly!!!

I found a way to get to First Steps to Success and came out of an event in July of 2011 and started a brand new home business! I immediately put Dani’s teaching into Action!

This created over $29,000. of income in 30 days after that event, leading into six figures in my first six months and then ending the FIRST year of business with $249,000.00 of income!

To say my life changed is an understatement!!!!! I do not recognize my life at all and have been able to pay off $110,000 of credit card debt in 9 1/2 months, pay of a Line of Credit and have been making EXTRA payments to get my Mortgage (my last debt) Paid off FAST!!!!!

In the first 22 days of 2016 I have generated over $27,000.00 of profit and the month is not over yet!!!! I tithe to my home Church who have blessed and supported me over the years and I give above in donations and offerings to feed and house Orphans all over the world!

Again, I don’t recognize my life!

— Dianne from Ontario

The next First Steps to Success is expected to sale out, airfare is going up, get registered right away >> (make sure to registered for First Steps and the Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop – all 3 days)

Source: Decide Freedom International

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In the Silence I Will Speak to You!

HEAR HIS WHISPER…”In the silence I will speak to you.”

Each morning come and sit at My feet and learn from the wisdom of eternity. I will speak. I will whisper to your soul. It is time for you to hear Me clearly each day. The assignments I give to you will be pleasant and rewarding. The task I set before you each day will bring sweetness to your soul. Others will begin to take note, that you have been with Me.

In the evening hours come to Me and I will whisper My living words into your spirit. I will make your night season a time of encounter as My Spirit comes to bring you heaven’s grace and the dew of My presence. Listen carefully, as a lover listens to every word of the Beloved—listen to Me and you will hear My voice. I will touch your ears and open them as one who is being taught. You will learn My ways as you listen to My voice.

I love to speak with you, to talk to you and share My heart with you. I have many who say they follow Me but never still their souls to listen to My voice. I am a Shepherd who goes before My sheep calling them by name, caring for them in love, and leading them into My ways. You will find that I have ears for your voice. I listen to you as you speak with Me. Now come and listen to My whisper each day and know that I AM your God.

Proverbs 8:5-12 TPT