Remain Faithful to Me — I Hear His Whisper

“Remain Faithful to Me.”

The word I speak to you today is endurance. I call you to be faithful unto the end, even as I loved My disciples unto the end. The burden you carry must always be brought to the cross and left forever at My feet. Others will not understand the load you carry and the secret wounding of your soul, but I understand.

You must never compare yourself to another, but bring your cares to the One who cares. You will never be asked to carry more than you can endure, but it will be more than you think. I call you to stretch your faith until it is greater than your burden.

I have called you to be a faithful warrior of My love. The wounding of your soul bring you into deeper love. You see the momentary pain, but I see the blossoms of love beginning to open within you, yielding a sweeter fragrance. Even when you feel disappointed, My love never fails. When you are wounded by love, My mercy still stands higher than the heavens. I call you to hold every experience of your life as sacred, and then you will discover My goodness and My power to work everything together for good as you love Me.

Speak over your life this day these words: “I will endure all things for love.”

As you remain faithful to Me, love grows within you. My love and My peace will be the twin fruits from the Tree of Life to sustain you and sweeten your joy. Let nothing deter you from your pursuit of My face. Those who love Me most I will transform the most. Let every opportunity that comes to you this day be the open doorway into My presence.

I speak over you, My faithful one, endure all things for love as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and always set His faithfulness before your eyes as your supreme example. And then you will not fail and you will not stumble. For I will hold you in My love even as I held Him in My love throughout His ordeals. I AM with you and will exchange your weakness for My strength as you wait upon Me.
— Holy Spirit

Proverbs 8:8-12 TPT

“All the declarations of my mouth can be trusted; they contain no twisted logic or perversion of the truth. All my words are clear and straightforward to everyone who possess spiritual understanding. If you have an open mind, you’ll receive revelation-knowledge. My wise correction is more valuable than silver or gold. The finest gold is nothing compared to the revelation-knowledge I can impart. Wisdom is so priceless that it exceeds the value than any jewel. Nothing you could wish for can equal her. For I am wisdom, and I am shrewd and intelligent. I have at my disposal living-understanding to devise a plan for your life.”

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