How Do I Get Started in Coastal?

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1. Purchase Your Resort Vacation Package.

Print out and complete a ‘Customer Purchase Order’ and purchase one of the following Coastal Travel Packages from your Director:

Level 1 Package for $1295 [see the Level 1 Package]

Level 2 Package for $3500 [see the Level 2 Package]

Level 3 Package for $7500 [see the Level 3 Package]

Discounted Package (Level 1, 2 & 3 together) for $11,000 (SAVE $1295) [see the Discounted Package]

You will find an order form in the Coastal Vacations Profile you printed from this site or you can print just the Customer Purchase Order Form here.

Your director will send the wholesale amount ($295 for Level 1, $500 for Level 2 & 3) to the wholesaler and keep the $1,000/$3,000/$7,000 profit. The wholesaler immediately forwards your Coastal Vacations resort package/packages to you, along with your complimentary cruise certificates and vacations. You may immediately begin to use the Coastal Package and take the vacations you’ve always dreamed of!

2. Setup your Automated Marketing System.

Set up your complete Automated Marketing System. This system includes a Toll Free Voicemail Service, Websites,
an Auto responder System, Advertisement Business Cards and a Complete Members section full of training and support.

3. Complete Two Training
Sales With Your Directors Help.

As mentioned on our Pay Plan page [go to Pay Plan page now] your Director, whom you purchased the package from, will help you make your first two sales. With all the leads you will generate through our marketing system, you will easily be able to make your first two sales with your Director’s assistance. Your Director will train and assist you in generating these first two sales. Your Director will retain these first two. You now become a Qualified Director, and purchase directly from the wholesaler just as he/she does.

4. You Are Now A Director!!
Make $1,000 to $9,705 on Each And Every Sale.

As a qualified Director you are now qualified for life!

You will now earn $1,000 to $9,705 for every sale that you make. This is yours to keep. There is no need to split this with an upline or downline, like in MLM. It’s all yours! Now you will train each of your new sales to become Directors. As you do, you will earn $1,000 to $9,705 from each of the first 2 sales that you help your new associates make!



4 thoughts on “WHAT’S NEXT?

  1. Ms. Johnnie, I am interested in Coastal, but have a few questions. I have seen Coastal in the past, but my only concern is marketing. Are there restrictions? Also, if I was to order a site like yours, do you operate it?

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    • Hi Nikki. Thanks for your interest.
      There are no restrictions in marketing so you can advertise any way you’d like.

      As for this website, I built this website and you’re welcome to have one like it.
      Once it’s built it would be yours.

      Hope this has helped. Let me know if you have any more questions.


  2. Hi Claire. The HOW is right on this page.. read above.

    As for more information, please go back to the HOME page and follow the TOUR button and it will take you through all the information of this business. Once you have completed this, fill out the contact form and I’ll give you a call to go over any questions you may have.

    Looking forward to chatting with you soon.. Have a Blessed Day Claire!! 🙂


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