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Coastal Travel Vacations is a Proven Winner for Baby Boomers Looking For Ways to Supplement Their Social Security Income

DFI_BannerCoastal Travel Vacations Is a proven winner for baby boomers looking for ways to supplement their Social Security Income.

As the first baby boomer Kathleen gets ready to retire early in January, many baby boomers have already secured their early retirement with Coastal Travel Vacations.

Coastal Travel Vacations has become the premier way to baby boomers to retire early and not be concerned about healthcare costs and making ends meet.

The over 80 Million Americans born from 1946-1964 will have challenges making ends meet as the American Social Security System will retire 2 working Americans to pay for their benefits.

Coastal Travel Vacations offers the opportunity for all retired people to travel on any budget and for those who are looking to earn an income, Coastal Travel Vacations offers the opportunity to earn more than Social Security could ever provide, allowing for the retirement lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

Coastal Travel Vacations Directors earn $1000-$9705 profit per transaction and allows its members to travel to exotic places for just pennies on the dollar.

Coastal Vacations not only offer a great benefit for baby boomers, but also for their children who are responsible for their care. Platinum Director Ms Johnnie Wright has found that her Coastal Business pays stay at home lifestyle.

Coastal Vacations is a 25+ year old association of entrepreneurs who sell wholesale vacation packages.

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Coastal Travel Vacations and the Baby Boomers – Christian Team!!

Cruise.9Baby Boomers are those born in an 18 year period after World War II: from 1945/1946 to 1964. They account for 29% of the total population in the USA.

Not only are they the first generation to think outside of the “work all your life for one company to receive the golden handshake” box, but most are changing their professions at least once along the way.

Over the next 10 years Baby Boomers are scheduled to retire at an unprecedented rate of about one per every 8 seconds. They are also expected to inherit a lot more money than their previous generation.

7.4 million Boomers own their own business. Their favorite activity is travel. As a group they continue to enjoy having the highest median household income of any group. They are entrepreneurial, in better health than previous generations and are staying active.

All major marketing trends have been fueled by the Baby Boomers size and buying power. For example: they were

Coastal Vacations - Bermuda

Coastal Vacations – Bermuda

behind the growth in baby formula sales, behind the housing boom when they started to purchase their first homes and now travel is being affected by their enormous buying power.

It is projected that the travel industry will become a $14 Trillion dollar business worldwide in the next 10-20 years.

Home business and travel is an ideal market for Baby Boomers who wish to stay active, earn extra money to supplement their lifestyles and travel at a discount.

Coastal Travel Vacations directors are targeting Baby Boomers in the publications they read as well as in online advertising.

The number of Baby Boomers who have started their own business is up by 20% + since the year 2000.

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