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Coastal Travel Vacations Basic Overview


Coastal Vacations is an association of business owners that market travel packages at wholesale prices and sell them for retail or a business opportunity. There are three different Coastal Vacations travel packages ranging anywhere from $1295 to $11,000. Of course, the higher the price, the more the travel benefits.

The Coastal Vacations packages generally promise an up to 75% on its vacations and cruises compared to regular retail prices if bought directly from a travel agency or the hotel or cruise line.

Coastal Vacations includes in its travel packages over 22 membership cards with discounts in hotels, cruises, golfing, RVing, camping, dining, condo stays, gas, groceries, car rental, and more. Pretty much all things travel and entertainment are covered in the Coastal Vacations package.

Hotels like the Wyndham and cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean as well as Celebrity Cruises have partnered with vendors included in the Coastal Vacations packages to offer the Coastal Vacations travel members free hotel stays and cruises where only taxes and fees are required by the traveler.

The Coastal Vacations travel packages includes many vacations, and all of them are transferable, so they can be given as gifts, at fundraisers, as business incentives, and to anyone you want, but they cannot be sold individually.

The Coastal Vacations members are never required to attend a timeshare presentation or any other travel plan out there. Coastal Vacations has managed to put together a pretty thorough quality package for a very affordable price.

The Coastal Vacation, despite what is being said out there, in my opinion are not pricey at all. This is because the average American family of 4 spends at least $2800 every single year on vacation. That means that in a 10-year period, the average American family spends $28000 on vacation, and the highest priced Coastal Vacations package costs only $11,000 and includes a lifetime of unlimited all-inclusive hotel stays and cruises, and that means it is for life.

So, in my general opinion, Coastal Vacations offers both the travel and the smart business entrepreneur great opportunities to both make money and really travel for pennies on the dollar.

Now that’s a very nice, basic Overview!

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