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Dani Johnson Interviews One of Coastal Travel’s Top Directors

This is an amazing video that I just needed to share with you all. Dani Johnson interviewed
Diane, single mom and one of our own top Coastal Travel’s Directors.

DFI and Coastal Travel considers Dani Johnson our own personal trainer.
She is not affiliated with Coastal at all but she is Loves helping business owners.

The tips and strategies clients, Dianne and Jeffrey, share in this episode of The Dani Johnson Show
will put you on a fast-track to success in your own life! Get ready to find yourself some inspiration!

Something we all need, if we want to succeed in anything is inspiration! It may seem simple, but it is absolutely necessary.

However, sometimes inspiration can be in short supply just when you really need it the most. Today, that’s no problem, thanks to the stories you will hear on this episode of The Dani Johnson Show guaranteed to inspire, encourage and motivate you.

The tips and strategies Dianne and Jeffrey share will put you on a fast-track to success in your own life!
Get ready to find yourself some inspiration!

Source: DaniJohnson.com

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