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Do We Have a Solid Product?!

Live Your Dreams BannerWorking from home is an awesome experience when you are rewarded with time freedom and financial flexibility.  But the key is you will never get there if you don’t have a solid product.  Notice I didn’t say you need the “BEST” product because the truth is there is no such thing.  But you should market something that you benefit from, believe in and actually own on your own.  I’ll break down more specifics on having the best or a solid product as we go here.  Just follow along this can determine your success or lack off.  This can be the difference in spinning your wheels and struggling to actually reaching your goals or blasting past them and having to set new and better goals.

OK so let’s break it down, first with marketing something you benefit from.  You will do a much better job of marketing and presenting any product if you have actually gotten a benefit from what you market.  Now in my case I market a travel product so therefore I should get some travel benefits from my product.  Even if I don’t use it maybe I’m “disabled” and can’t travel I should be able to transfer part of my package and get the enjoyment of knowing that my product is helping someone else.  That’s still a benefit.

The key is everything about your product does not have to “revolutionize” your life.  Companies out there all over the world act like what they have will change the world forever, and maybe it will.  What I’m telling you is if you have any solid product you can change your family’s life for ever.  If you market nutritional supplements, it is important that you do get a benefit you can see and feel.  Look if your company offers 100 products you don’t need to benefit from all of them.  You just have to have a benefit you can believe it.  Therefore you will be more successful at marketing and profiting while you work from home.

DFI_BannerSecond, your product should actually be something you believe in.  When I say you believe in it, I’m talking more about your passion.  Let’s face it who doesn’t need good health? We would all say yes to that. Not many people are choosing to race to their tombstone anytime soon.  Now that being said even though everyone knows they need good health not every one actively pursues good heath in their diet, exercise and vitamins. Some of them may buy your product if you sold supplements but the fact is if they do not really believe in the benefit of good health and they are not passionate in their every day life they will not market that supplement with passion.  You must believe in your product to the point that you are passionate about the benefits and how it can help someone.

Finally, by this point it should go without saying.  But if you benefit from a product, believe in a product you should own it.  Because if you own it you prove you are a product of the product and you are willing to pay for it.  It’s amazing how many people attempt to market a product they supposedly believe in but they don’t actually own it.  Let me ask you, If you were looking to buy a new reliable car but you learn the owner of the dealership actually owned a cheaper alternative, maybe even one of his competitors how would you feel?  How silly would that be? Why would you buy a car from him/her?  If you sold supplements (easy example) and your clients came to your home, office or met you for coffee and saw you taking Wal-Mart vitamins what would your clients think? Now you maybe that slow poke that doesn’t get it and think, well I would not show them the “cheaper” vitamins.  The point is, you would be a hypocrite and how far will that get you and is that really a product you should market?  Probably not you may do better actually working at Wal-Mart.

So in closing having a solid product is required for any long-term success when you work from home.  So do you get a benefit from your product, do you really believe in your product and do you own it? Are you a product of the product? If this product or service you have is going to be the key to your goals and dreams.  If it’s going to give you the financial flexibility you want, time freedom you need and memories with your friends, family and those you care about., why the heck would you not want a solid product.  Remember, believing you have the best product on the planet is fine.  But no product is the best forever hence this thing call innovation.  So be realistic and strategic and find something you can believe in, benefit from and even own on your own.

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