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All Moms Should Earn Six Figures in 2018!

As a mom you should make 6 Figures.  There was an article in Forbes Magazine a few years back that said a Mom should make over $115,000 a year.  The truth is, moms have the most important and hardest job in the family and they don’t get paid in physical money.  While it can be extremely rewarding at times and at times feel very frustrating, all Moms should have a way to create income of their own from home.

If you have recently started a legitimate and lucrative home business from home this is the season to go at it full steam ahead!  The first quarter of the year is when most stay at home business owners and especially moms make the most money working in a home business.  There are several reasons why this is the most lucrative time of year.

First of all, it is right after Christmas and families all over are wanting to pay off their credit card bills as fast as possible.  Most families have put in excess of $2,000 on their credit cards and they are looking for a solution to that credit card bill.  If you market a way they can pay off that credit card you are in a lucrative position.

Second, most people make New Years resolutions to improve some aspect of their life, from finances, weight-loss to more family vacations this year.  Most people especially other moms what this year to be better than last year.  If your product or service can help improve their lives clients are more ready than ever to take action to improve their quality of life in January.

Finally in the first quarter of the year in the U.S. more money is available for people to purchase what ever product or service you are marketing.  Most people will start getting back money from the government in the form of a tax return by the 3rd week in January.  More readily available cash in the consumer’s hands.  The question is if they buy your product or service will it improve their quality of life or multiply their income?

It doesn’t matter why you work a legitimate home business as a mom.  Maybe you just want extra spending money for yourself?  Maybe you want to have something that is your own?  Maybe you just want to have extra money to spend on the kids?  Maybe you want the extra income to help your husband with the bills?  Maybe you really want to take a family vacation this year?  Regardless of your reason now is the time to take action, don’t procrastinate and don’t hesitate!  Get to work mom because the first quarter of 2018 will be the most lucrative!

To Moms making more money than ever before!

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