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The World’s Best Destinations For Solo Travelers

Traveling alone is no longer taboo. In fact, it’s trendy to go alone out of choice. Celebrated as a way to learn about oneself, more people are discovering the freedom of exploring a new place on their own terms. From the frozen heartlands of Iceland to the sultry beaches of Belize, many destinations are independent traveler-friendly. Community groups, meet-ups and a vast wealth of online and digital resources make it easier than ever to go solo. Paris even has fun speed-dating styled language improvement events. Still undecided? Here are some tips on destinations known to be safe and where to look in each. Happy solo travels!!

  • Reykjavik
    Where: Iceland Outdoor activities are king in Iceland. Base yourself in the capital for easy day trips to virtually any corner of the country, beauty spot, or adventurous activity. Iceland frequently tops solo travelers’ lists of most user-friendly destinations. In Reykjavik, hang out at The Laundromat Café, a social meeting hub where travelers and locals casually dine, wash laundry, drink coffee, read books, and share travel tips. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Reykjavik Guide
  • Paris
    Where: France With an extraordinary array of bistros and cafés, Paris is a city where you can while away hours poring over a café au lait, chocolate chaud, and sumptuous patisseries while observing French culture through thefenêtres (windows) on the Champs-Élysées. Solo travelers gravitate towards Café de Flore and Deux Magots, which serve as meeting places for solo travelers to join up to explore the city. Also of note: Paris is a relatively safe European city for women traveling alone. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Paris Guide
  • Bali

    Jason Ho/Shutterstock
    Where: Indonesia Yoga, spirituality, spas, massages, beaches, organic eateries and markets— are you sold, yet? With such diversity, Bali is a staple for solo travelers from across the globe. People drift into its ease of life and wealth of fellow traveler-settlers. It helps that food is delicious and cheap, as is the cost of living in general. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Bali Guide
  • Bangkok
    Where: Thailand Solo travel and Bangkok have a long and convoluted history. It’s often said that you’d be lucky to meet a Thai in some parts of Bangkok. Luckily, other parts retain deep-rooted authenticity, which still attracts even the worldliest travelers. Temples, floating markets, cheap shopping, and nightlife galore keep the most active visitors busy traversing the city thanks to its excellent infrastructure. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Bangkok Guide
  • Seville

    Svetlana Bobrova/Shutterstock
    Where: Spain The capital of Andalusia reflects all the romantic notions of Spain, as it plays home to Moorish architecture, bullfighting, and flamenco. Easily navigable on foot, Seville offers colorful ceramics, cobbled alleyways and mouth-watering markets. The city is a photographer’s dream with inexhaustible charm, luring enthusiasts to stay a while. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Sevilla Guide
  • Dubrovnik

    Agata Dorobek/Shutterstock
    Where: Croatia With an infrastructure geared for tourists, solo travel is straightforward in “The Pearl of the Adriatic,” as christened by Lord Byron. Shoulder season is warm and not yet overcrowded. Take day trips to Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina. If adventure gets you going, take a hiking or rock climbing tour with Croatia Traveller, where you’ll meet others with the same interest or relax on anisland cruise with others while sipping sundowners along the dramatic Dalmatian coastline. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Dubrovnik Guide
  • Dublin

    (c) Atterhorn | Dreamstime.com
    Where: Ireland Anyone anywhere could make friends over a pint of Guinness. And Irish hospitality is world-famed for warmth and friendliness, especially in Dublin. Head to a traditional Irish pub; havens of chatter, to converse with locals who are completely used to tourists, even in the most remote countryside spots. Join walking tours exploring the literary greats, from Oscar Wilde to George Bernard Shaw, earning Dublin its UNESCO City of Literature status. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Dublin Guide
  • Queenstown
    Where: New Zealand The adventure capital of New Zealand’s South Island can leave you exasperated trying to fit it all in. From bungee to zorbing to horseback riding, Queenstown is a mecca for adventure travellers. Squeeze in superb gastronomy and nightlife too. Travellers often end up staying longer than planned – you’ve been warned! It’s easy to rent a car or join a group trip. The latter is a sure-fire way to meet others travelling through the country reputed on its safety. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Queenstown Guide
  • Santiago

    © Peter Guttman
    Where: Chile Consistently raved about by travelers for its advanced transportation networks, excellent restaurants, and beautiful public spaces, Santiago is a sophisticated and accessible yet authentic South American city. Head straight for Bellavista, a trendy bohemian quarter with bars, quirky buildings, and artistic graffiti. Within easy reach from Santiago are colorful Valparaiso and glitzy Vina del Mar. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Santiago Guide
  • Masai Mara

    Prasit chansareekorn/Shutterstock
    Where: Kenya Nature has a way of bringing people together. In the Masai Mara’s vast Big 5 terrain, a safari plunges visitors deep into the grasslands. Independent travellers are joined up with others on Jeep safaris, providing an instant set of friends. June to October is best to witness Migration, a movement of millions of wildebeest. But during low season, many lodges waive single supplements. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Masai Mara Guide
  • Vancouver

    Lissandra Melo/Shutterstock
  • Where: Canada Summer is kicking in the bohemian and laid-back city of Vancouver. Live music festivals, such as Osheaga, are a big draw here. Non-stop summer sunshine guarantees plenty of outdoor fun, allowing you to bask in the rays in the signature, relaxed ambiance for which Vancouver has become known. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Vancouver Guide
  • Ambergris Caye
    Where: Belize The coolest Central American destination right now has to be Belize. Ambergris Caye lives up to the hype, and there are bars, beaches, and natural beauty in huge quantities. Interspersed with Mayan ruins, a spectacular barrier reef, and rainforest, this English-speaking nation appeals to expats and solo travelers alike. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Ambergris Caye Guide
  • Tokyo
    Where: Japan You’ll need 3–4 days in Tokyo at the very least. Indulge in the cuisine with sushi, ramen, and tempura that’s better than you’ve ever tasted. If you’re keen to meet English speakers, head to Pink Cow bar in Roppongi, known for its expat following. The Hub is a chain of pubs, popular with younger crowds, where it’s easy to meet people organically. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Tokyo Guide
  • Grand Circle
    Where: Southwest USA This beautiful vast Grand Circle spans 5 states loaded with national parks and monuments, interwoven by designated Scenic Byways. It’s an attractive route to Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and more.
  • Alaska
  • Jerryway | Dreamstime.com
    Where: USA Whale-watching, dog-sledding, horseback riding through the mountains and eating fresh salmon are just a few of the highlights on board an Alaska cruise. Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Alaska GuideSource: Anisha Shah


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9 of the Most Beautiful Places in the Spring – Coastal Travel Vacations

tulip market

Getting Warmer

Ah, springtime: the time for budding leaves and flowers, for freshly hatched butterflies, and new love. It’s the season of rebirth, when the world shakes off the icy grips of winter and starts the warm-up to summer. It’s when sweet winds blow again and the day’s length starts marching back up toward solstice.
 The magic of spring transforms a lot of places from cold and lifeless landscapes to vibrant environs bursting with life, but some places receive an extra shot of springtime awesomeness. Here are nine of the most beautiful places in the world to visit in the spring.
(Text: Shea Gunther)
yellow flowers on field, red house in background


Located in central Italy, Tuscany is considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and is packed with culture. It’s well-regarded around the world for its art, landscapes, food and people. It was the home of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Botticelli, and has many top museums and a high concentration of Renaissance art. It’s also stunningly beautiful in the springtime. Visit Tuscany in the spring and you’ll find yourself lost in the splendor of all that the region has to offer, from the neat rows of farmland to the simple pleasure of a stroll through a small storybook village.

Rocky Mountain National Park

wildflower field with mountains in backgroundRocky Mountain National Park (aka RMNP) sits straddling the Continental Divide in Colorado’s northern Front Range. Its 265,828 acres hold 359 miles of trails, 150 lakes and more than 60 named peaks with an elevation higher than 12,000 feet, including the 14,259-foot-high Longs Peak. The park’s higher elevation means that springtime rolls around a little later than your average U.S. state — the best time to visit to catch the newly blooming flowers while avoiding the worst of the end of winter storms is mid-May. You’ll still want to dress warm, but if you make a springtime visit to RMNP, you’ll enjoy the sight of elk dropping their antlers, bighorn sheep grazing on the cliff sides, and fields of newly opened wildflowers.
flowering trees with Arc de Triomphe in background


How can you write an article about beautiful places in the spring and not include Paris? The French capital is known as the city of love and has endless gardens, tree- and flower-lined streets, and outdoor cafes to explore. The temperatures can be a little chilly in April — bring a jacket — but warm up nicely in May. If you find yourself in Paris in the spring make sure to visit the Jardin du Luxembourg (the Garden of Luxemborg), a 60-acre park featuring the gorgeous Luxembourg Palace and miles of walking paths through well-maintained master gardens.


lake, saunaWhen discussing travel to Finland, it’s helpful to split the country into its northern and southern halves. In the north, or Lapland as it’s known, the sun doesn’t appear above the horizon for the entire winter and doesn’t set all summer long. It’s beautiful and extreme and should be on anyone’s list of future travel destinations. Southern Finland is a little less arctic and, like its northern half, is a nature lover’s paradise. Finland has 187,888 lakes and is covered by forest on 86 percent of its land. You’ll want to dress warmly, as temperatures in southern Finland in May range in the 40s and 50s — but it’s worth the extra layers. The climate in Lapland is about a month behind that of the south, so if the northern half of the country is your destination, make sure to plan accordingly if you’re aiming for the spring. The sun comes up for the summer in mid-May.

view of streets from canal boatAmsterdam is another place that’s worth packing an extra sweater on your springtime visit. Compared to summertime, you’ll find cheaper prices now as the city shrugs off winter.The weather in May is beautiful and the air is sweet with the scent of the blooming trees and tulips the city is known for. May is also when both National Windmill Day and National Cycling Day take place, which is a great excuse to schedule a bicycle tour of Netherlands’ windmills.


Mwhite boats in blue water, rocky cliffsinorca is a small island that sits in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain. It’s paired with the better-known island of Majorca and is about 125 miles from seaside Barcelona. It’s also absolutely gorgeous in the spring.An average high of 70 degrees means it might not be a terrible idea to pack a bathing suit, if only to soak up the sun better.A stay in Minorca in the spring means eating good food, meeting friendly hospitable people, and taking in a landscape covered in wildflowers and butterflies.The island has world-renowned birding and golden sandy beaches accompanying brilliant blue crystal clear waters.

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe
waterfall, rainbow
Victoria Falls in Africa is considered by some measures as the world’s largest waterfall and is listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.It sits on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and is remarkable for its mile-long width. It’s fed by the Zambezi River and is a great place to visit in the spring.The rainy season ends in early April, and the following six weeks are when the river flow peaks and the falls are raging. The thundering spring waters can make viewing the falls from the ground difficult but greatly enhance the view from above — sightseeing helicopter tours can be had for as cheap as $120.

The Pyrenees

wildflowers, lake, mountainsThe Pyrenees Mountains sit high on the border between France and Spain and are a scenic wonderland of towering mountain cirques, tranquil alpine lakes, and iconic views.In the spring, the Pyrenees explode with life as bears shake off winter’s slumber, predatory birds take to the sky, and hundreds of different kinds of flowers bloom.To take in the splendor of the Pyrenees you can choose to approach from either France or Spain, or take another route entirely and visit the tiny country of Andorra, which is a little more than twice the size of Washington, D.C., and is surrounded by the mountains.

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10 Most Exotic Places to Travel

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? On my list.. Spain, Australia, Paris… and the list continues! Today I thought I’d give you some exotic inspiration on where to take your next vacation. Exotic doesn’t have to be around the world, it could mean traveling to somewhere you wouldn’t normally go!

Stay in exotic hotels, travel with your family and see the world. Whether you love the tropics like Cancun, Mexico or you want to travel cheap through the U.S. Here are some of the top destinations for travel.

Exotic_Hotel Boat

Wouldn’t you love for this to be your hotel room?

Take a look at this list, and make sure to visit all 10 of these most exotic places, before you leave this Earth.

1. Paris:

Must see places: Eiffel Tower; it has the famous cathedrals including the famous Cathedral of Notre de Paris, opera houses like Garnier opera house’s largest opera as well as more modern Bastille Opera.

2. Spain:

Must see places: Madrid is famous for its old and new architecture. Even there are many other places worth visiting to name a few places to see includes Estepona, Granada, Costa Calida, Valencia, Costa Blanca.


Exotic travel can mean exotic hotel stays…

3. United States of America:

Must see places: Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, National Forests, Miami, Golden Gate Bridge, Rocky Mountains, St. Louis Arch, Washington D.C.,

4. China:

Must see places: Great Wall of China, Beijing, ShaolinTemple in Henan Province’s Hangzhou to Hong Kong’s gardens

5. Rome:

Must see places: Roman Forum, Pantheon, St. Peterâ Square – Colonnades, The Colosseum

Exotic_Hotel Roomsbellagio_queen

Vacation time is for relaxing.. and splurging!

6. Greece:

Must see places: Acropolis, Peloponnese, and the ancient temple of Hephaestus: AgoraÂ, Athens, National Archaeological MuseumÂ: AndrosIsland, and many interesting festivals, such as Rockwave Festival, Mykonos Island.

7. Egypt:

Must see places: The Egyptian pyramids, Cairo, Karnak Temples, Luxor Temples, Valley of the Kings, Alexandria

8. Canada:

Must see places whether vacationing or immigrating to Canada: Canadian Rockies, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Calgary, Nahanni National Park Reserve


Enjoy your stay…

9. Australia:

Must see places: Sydney Opera House, Queensland, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Olympic Park

10. Rio De Janiero:

Must see places: Copacabana, Ipanema and other Beaches, Amsterdam Sauer Museum, Carnival and Carnival Museum

When booking your next travel excursion, think about visiting one these top 10 exotic places to travel in the world.  You never know you may be able to see all 10 before you know it! (Take me with you!)

I hope you have enjoyed this. Have an Awesome Day and God Bless!!

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright
Founder – Coastal Travel Christian Team

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