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Pink Sand Beaches – Bermuda

Pink Sand



Have you ever been to a pink sand beach before?! Well, they are gorgeous and they can be found in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Komodo Island and the French Polynesian Islands. These destinations are worth every time, effort, and, and money which needs to be spent so that you can enjoy these exotic locales. (And you do travel these destinations, remember to take lots and lots of pictures.


You might be asking yourself: Well, what would make a beach pink. There are dark red skeletal animals, called Pink-Sands-Beach-Harbour-Island-Bahamas.Handsforams, live in abundance in certain regions of the ocean on the underside of the coral reefs. When these creatures die, the skeletons of these animals fall onto the ocean floor. The wave action of the water erodes the foams and they are mixed with the white shells of clams, snails, and sea urchins on the sea bed. When this happens, the beach gradually becomes pink over time.

Horseshoe Bay. 2 different things said to cause this sand colored pink. The first one said that it is caused by an animal named Hermit Crab, an animal who always shed their shells as they grow and in need of larger mobile house. As they leaved their shells, it wills breakdown later on the sand causing a pink colored in the sand. That’s why different pink beach has different pink color depth.

The second one said that it is related to the organism lives in that environment. Red tiny organisms grow under the coral reefs and die on the ocean floor. These things caused pink hue to appear in the sand.

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