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Barbados Islands, Resorts, Beach Attractions


It is a red-yellow island which is pushed out by volcanic activity. On its west coast, its beaches consists of white sand with a blue-green sea. Under water border, this beach provides deep-sea diving with the scuba diving. At the east coast the waves blown energetically by the strong wind against a rocky beach. Due to its constant breeze it winds give a gentle and pleasant temperature. When you take a tour of this island, you will see rolling hills, water course, deep hills with an interesting contribution of vegetable life and animal kingdom. With this there is a huge collection of underground lakes which is very important; it gives you the facility of drinking water which is the genuine in the world. This island is very unique and over the years two land masses are merged.

Barbados Island (1)Barbados

Barbados Island (2)
This island is very beautiful with lots of activities like music, art, night life and contains some of the best restaurants. Barbadians called Bajans, are very friendly and always ready to meet with smile. They will make you feel special, you will feel that it is your home and you will wish that come back again.

Barbados Island (3)Barbados Island

Barbados Island (4) Around 270,000 people live in this island. It is situated in the Lesser Antilles with Saint Lucia to the northwest and in southwest Grenada is located. This island is also known as land of flying fish, which is a very common sight.

Barbados Island (5)

Barbados resorts 1Barbados Resorts

Barbados resorts
There are many attraction places. For natural lovers there is Welch man Hall Gully, where you can see the beautiful trees, flowers with 7 unit of wild garden in the island. Besides this you can get fun with water as well. They have their personalized sailing expedition, which gives you comfort, enjoyment and service. You will be totally entertained. It contains varieties of tours. Like, the Boatyard which offers you fresh water showers, diving, beach beds. Jolly Roger offers you, sailing and swimming facilities with the beautiful west coast. You can also join Jamming Catamaran Cruises where you can do swimming with turtles, fishing and diving as well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABarbados Beaches, Classical  View

Barbados Beaches (2)

Barbados Island (1)Barbados Map

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