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Royal Vacation in Pristine North Island, Seychelles


North Island, Seychelles. The resort occupies whole North Island. This pristine site is a true sanctuary for those, hungry for a divine retreat. The island literally serves as Noah’s Ark: various local species are being preserved here and conservation is a very important part of the resort. The scrumptious white soft sandy beaches, turquoise water of the Indian Ocean attracted none other than the royal couple: Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their honeymoon here.


The resort provides 11 private villas, scattered around the island to ensure privacy of the guests. The staff is always there to assist, but guests feel that they are on their own private island. There are no schedules or menus: food is discussed prior the vacation and served at your convenience and you can use the facilities whenever you wished. Guests can explore the island by bikes, buggies or kayaks. The must visit spot is the tortoise museum, where you can observe the oldest inhabitants of North Island.

Why to go there?
Eco-friendly resort, luxury and great service guaranteed, pristine nature, utter privacy, customized experience.

When to go there?
All year round.

How to get there?
By a helicopter transfer from Seychelles International Airport.

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