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Gatlinburg, TN and Coastal Travel Vacations

Welcome to Gatlinburg.com

Gatlinburg.Fall.Colors.TownHere’s where you can find mountains of information, including information about places to stay, dine, camp and shop. We’ve also included feature sections on Great Smoky Mountains National Park, romance and weddings, an Outdoor Guide and the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Loop.

Our quaint mountain resort often welcomes over 35,000 people a night, so hospitality and service are second nature to us. Take your pick from a wide variety of Gatlinburg hotels, motels, condos, cabins and more.

Somewhere between the first ride and the last hike on the gorgeous Smoky Mountain hiking trails, it will dawn on you. You’re getting a true mountain experience. Gatlinburg really is the perfect place for your family vacation in Tennessee.

Surrounded by the Smokies

We’re surrounded by Great Smoky Mountains National Park, America’s most popular and visited national park. Whether you stay for two days or two weeks, it will be a vacation in Tennessee you’ll remember for a lifetime. Most visitors come back for Smoky Mountain getaways again and again. What starts with parents or grandparents becomes a family tradition.


Nothing can prepare you for the awe-inspiring beauty of the Smokies. You’ve seen the sunrise, but have you seen the sun reflecting off a forest rolling as far as the eye can see? Ever see fireflies by the millions as they blink in sync? Perhaps you’ve tasted freshly grilled trout, but have you eaten one that you pulled fresh from a stream? Smoky Mountains National Park offers more than 800 miles of scenic hiking trails, horseback riding, back-country camping, trout fishing and endless family fun.

There’s no better place to appreciate the changing seasons. The greens of spring and summer, the vivid colors of autumn and the snow-capped peaks of winter make Smoky Mountain getaways in Gatlinburg a colorful affair in every season.

Super shopping, Appalachian arts and crafts and attractions downtown

As if the area’s natural beauty isn’t enough, the Gatlinburg shopping scene is home to more than 450 unique shops in Gatlinburg.2.Bldgsdowntown Gatlinburg and along the 8-mile Arts and Crafts Loop. You’ll see mountain handiwork at its best, created by skillful hands using simple tools. The Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community is recognized internationally as the largest group of independent artisans in North America. The community features artisans who whittle, carve, cast, sew, weave and transform raw elements into works of wonder, art and function.

Back in town, there’s no limit of Gatlinburg attractions. Play miniature golf, view sharks from the underwater tunnel, ride America’s longest aerial tram, visit the unique museums, experience a live-action adventure or take on the video arcades. When you get hungry, choose from every kind of dining experience, ranging from national restaurant chains, local cafes with mountain-style cooking and delicious gourmet meals.

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