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Coastal Travel Vacations Christian Team – Welcome Home

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YES! It IS Possible to Take Back Control of Your Life!
YES! It IS possible to get out of debt!
YES! There IS a way to Make Money at Home!

With unemployment and corporate layoffs on the rise – many have found the solution to their financial situation by getting started in a home based business…

In fact , over 50,000 people A WEEK are getting started in some sort of home business. 

BVcolorfulFamilyPeople from all walks of life from – stay at home Moms, Dads, former teachers, nurses, airline pilots, executive secretaries, cpa’s, bankers, restaurant managers…. are now getting out of debt, and living the lives of freedom that they have always dreamed about.

It is time to TAKE BACK CONTROL of our lives and future!!

    “I Finally Found a REAL Work at Home Opportunity that REALLY works – and a Marketing System that is Simple to Follow and Easy to Duplicate…”

            Do Any Of These Statements Below Describe You??
  • I want to take control of my own financial future.
  • I want to make more money than I do currently.
  • I’m tired of working to make other people rich..
  • I am a highly motivated, positive person.
  • I have huge dreams for my future and huge financial goals.
  • I am ready for an adventure that will change my life!
  • I would love to have more time to spend with family and friends.
  • I’d love to take more vacations.
  • I’m prepared to put in the effort necessary to reap huge rewards.
  • I’d love to experience the thrill of achieving true success.

If you have checked even a few of the statements – you qualify to have your own business. We are looking for people that are ready to reach their full potential – grow from the inside out , be everything they are called to be and feel GREAT about it.

Here are a few of our success stories…. 

(Geneva from LA says…I’m a 28-year-old mom of 4 children and being with Coastal for the past 2.5 years, has changed my life forever!

Before Coastal, Josh and I struggled being able to pay our bills and Josh had to find a second job to help keep things afloat. We both knew we needed to figure out how to get out of the rut (debt) we were in and fast!!

I started researching and saw a bunch of people making bunch of money online, from home. Coastal had the highest commissions I could find and a proven system of success in place. By my fourth month, I had a $15,000 month and by my 11th month, hit $100,000, all while working during nap-time.

I’m now a multiple six figure income earner, we just built our Dream Home, and have traveled extensively! We are so Blessed to have found Coastal Travel Vacations!

 (We don’t hype you up or promise your success to drop onto your head like a ripe apple. We just simply teach motivated individuals to make money using a simple, easy to follow system that has created many six and seven-figure income earners in this business –

Bottom line… We teach people how to make money… Period.)


“In 2004 I was working as a restaurant manager and at a local hospital 70 plus hours a week. Being a single parent, working those hours kept me from being a good parent and frankly, LIVING Life..

I came into Coastal with NO experience at all but was able to plug into the system with all its support and training to hit six figures in my first year working 25 hours a week. I’m now a multi six figure earner within Coastal who has a LIFE and quality time with my children. That financial and time freedom has absolutely opened my world!”


“My name is Amy, and I’m a Platinum Director living in Georgia. We are a military family, with two kids (ages 4 and 1) and a third on the way. I had been staying home with our daughter almost two years, and our bills and debt were starting to mount up and get out of control. When I found this business, I looked it up, down, inside and out to try to figure out what was wrong with it, and when I had talked with enough people who were doing really well with it, I decided I could do it too, and I jumped in.

    Now, we are paying off the debt we had accumulated in chunks, we are saving for our kid’s education, and we just bought our very first home. I am so grateful to Coastal for the amazing training and all of the support I’ve received. I couldn’t have done any of this if they hadn’t paved the way for me and shown me exactly what to do and how to do it.”


This is the voice of Wayne Jones, as a co-founder of this system; I have directly and indirectly trained, and I am currently training many who have reached a 6 figure and multiple 6 figure income. This business has given me the time freedom to enjoy my family, and the income to boot. I know that GOD has blessed me to be a Blessing to others and I encourage you to get under the funnel of Blessing that flows through this team. Ask yourself, “what was my life like six months ago, and what will it be like if I do nothing different”.  

You can make excuses or make money but you can not do both.



I started My Coastal Travel Vacations business in July of 2004. I was searching for a business I could own and run from the comfort of wherever I was, and replace my RN salary. I was looking for time and money freedom. I came in at the Premier level because I needed to get up and lucrative quickly. I followed the step by step instructions on use of the marketing system and focused, and within 6 weeks I had made my two training sales, and a profit of over 11,000 dollars! I went on running my business and made helping others get up and lucrative quickly my first priority. Because of this, within my first 4 months, I replaced my yearly RN salary. I doubled that income in seven months creating leverage, and my business continues to grow. My life has changed forever! I now have the time and money freedom I have sought all my life, and I have new friends all over the United States and Canada. I love Coastal Vacations!

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