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Is Coastal Vacations Travel Network Marketing?

Me.EnjoySixFiguresCoastal Vacations Travel is an association of entrepreneurs that market the Coastal Vacations travel packages at wholesale prices.  Coastal Vacations does have a compensations system, but it is not an MLM, Network Marketing, a Pyramid, or anything like that.

Coastal Travel uses a 2-up compensation plan.  There is a lot of confusion because a lot of people think that Coastal Vacations is an MLM or a Pyramid.  The 2-Up system basically works this way:

Coastal Travel gives a minimum commission of $1000 to its members, actually, they get to get that money in their hands themselves first and then order the travel package from the Coastal Vacations shipping center called N.B. Management our of Florida.

A Coastal Travel member is called a Director. There is Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 directors. Each director brings people on board and they help their new associates to make their first two sales by training them in one of the many systems that the Coastal Vacations groups offer and helping them close the sales.

Then, the first two sales of the new associates are passed up to the Director because he helped close those sales, called training sales.

Once an associate gives his director two training sales, he now becomes a director and can make money at the level that he comes in at.

This system is very attractive to a lot of entrepreneurs because once they make their first two sales they can make a minimum of $1000 per sale. Coastal Travel has commissions of $1000, $3200, and $9700 depending on the level if these packages are sold retail.

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Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright
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Heaven’s Gate, China

Mount Tai is a mountain of historical and cultural significance located north of the city of Tai’an, in Shandong province, China


Tianmen Shan (Heaven’s Gate Mountain) is a cave natural arch eroded through a karst syncline. It is located about 8 km south of the city of Zhangjiajie (formerly Dayong) in northern Hunan Province, China. It is accessed from Zhangjiajie by what may be the world’s longest skytram (7.5 km) that leads to a bus ride on a very winding road, followed by a set of stairs with 999 steps. The last few of these steps are shown in the photo above. An interesting series of photos that pictures the skytram ride and the bus route, along with some of the stairs and the arch, is found here.

Tianmen Shan may be unique among the world’s great arches in that its formation is recorded in history. Documents from China’s “Three Kingdoms” period report that the entire opening formed in one cataclysmic event when the back of a huge cave collapsed in 263 AD. As a result, the name of the mountain was changed from Songliang Shan to Tianmen Shan. Thus, Tianmen Shan is also one of the very few natural arches with a precisely known age.

In modern times Tianmen Shan has become a target for stunt fliers. This is due to its location close to the Zhangjiajie airport as well as its large opening. Acrobatic flying teams have flown through the opening in 1999 and 2006. A public domain photo of the 1999 flight is shown below.


Heavens.Gate.China2Tianmen Shan has a span of about 55 meters and a height of about 130 meters.


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10 Iconic World Heritage Sites and the Places to Stay When Visiting

There are currently 981 World Heritage Sites worldwide. To be considered one it has to have ‘outstanding universal value’ and falls into the following sites: cultural, natural and mixed. A World Heritage Site could range from being a building, a mountain, a lake to a desert, monument, forest and even a city. Here are just a few of the most iconic World Heritage Sites of them all and the best places to stay so you are right in the thick of the action!

The Great Wall, China

An amazing feat dating back to the 5th century and spanning many centuries to build, The Great Wall is 13,170 miles long, making it the longest structure in the world. Initially built as a defense against enemies, the Great Wall of China stands today as a major tourist attraction for visitors worldwide. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

Great Wall

Where to stay?

Fairmont Beijing, an award-winning hotel located in the thriving business district.

Vatican City, Italy

A city within a city, Vatican City is a state in Rome with a population of around 840. With an area of just 110 acres, Vatican City was established as an independent state in 1929. Ruled by the Pope, the city features cultural sites such as the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Vatican City

Where to stay?

Portrait Roma Hotel, centrally located hotel also offers amazing rooftop views.

Easter Island, Chile

One of the most remote inhabited islands in the world, Easter Island has an air of mystery and intrigue surrounding it. There are 887 monumental statues on the island named Moai and its existent has never been fully explained. Moai were carved out by the Rapa Nui people between 1250 and 1500, with the tallest standing at an impressive 10 meters and weighing 82 tons!

Easter Island Rapa Nui

Where to stay?

Posada de Mike Rapu, an aesthetically pleasing modern hotel on Easter Island.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Over 18 miles wide and stretching over 277 miles, the Grand Canyon is one of the world’s natural wonders. From helicopter rides, scenic drives or hikes across the canyon, the landscape of the Grand Canyon ranges from different textures and colours.

Grand Canyon

Where to stay?

Amangiri, set in stunning desert scenery with plateaus and canyons.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is the ruins of what was once home to the powerful Inca Empire. The cultural site was bought to the attention to the world by explorer Hiram Bingham and is widely known as the ‘Lost City of the Incas’. Shrouded in mystery, Machu Picchu is Peru’s most visited attractions. Set high up in the mountains, visitors can reach the site on a rewarding Inca Trail through tunnels, jungle and cloud forest along the way.

Machu Picchu

Where to stay?

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, the only hotel at Machu Picchu.

Venice and its lagoon, Italy

Venice is the city on water built upon 118 tiny islands and unlike any other city in the world. The canals of Venice run throughout the city and locals and visitors alike can travel via the many foot bridges and boat canals.


Where to stay?

The Gritti Palace, for amazing views of the Grand Canal.

Taj Mahal, India

Built as an everlasting symbol of love, the Taj Mahal was built using white marble and stands as a mausoleum to Emperor Shah Jahan’s third and favourite wife. It took 16 years to finish and the surrounding garden an additional 5 years later. The architecture of the Taj Mahal has been inspired by a collective mix of Indian, Persian, Islamic, Turkish and Ottoman influences. The outcome of the Taj Mahal is a perfectly symmetrical piece of architecture except in one instance, which is where the emperor’s tomb is.

Taj Mahal

Where to stay?

The Oberoi Amarvilas Agra, which overlooks the Taj Mahal.

Memphis and its Necropolis – the Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur, Egypt

Instantly recognisable anywhere in the world, the Pyramids along with the Great Sphinx of Giza and other monuments have stood the test of time. Built around 2584BC, the Pyramids of Giza have remained mostly intact, in particular the Great Pyramid, the largest of the three.

Pyramids of Giza

Where to stay?

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo, with views of the Pyramids.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A whole world of its own, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. Spanning 900 islands over 1,400 miles, the Great Barrier Reef can even be seen from outer space! There is diverse marine life ranging from various species of whales, dolphins, turtles to 1,500 types of fish, crocodiles, sharks, stingrays and much more.

Great Barrier Reef

Where to stay?

Bedarra, a secluded tropical haven in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.

Colosseum and Roman Forum, Italy

Dating back over 2,000 years ago, the Colosseum signifies one of the Roman’s architectural achievements. Set in Rome, The Colosseum and the Roman Forum represent two pivotal symbols of Roman existence. The Colosseum was the place for entertaining the masses and also shows the structural strengths of Roman architecture. The Roman Forum is another significant building and was the centre of Roman life, a place for meetings, celebrations, public trials and matches.


Where to stay?

The Corner Townhouse, set in a luxurious and spacious 20th century villa.

Louise Cheng is Marketing Manager at Holidays Please.

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Ms Johnnie Wright
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Christian Team

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48 Epic Dream Hotels to Visit

A GOOD HOTEL CAN MAKE or break a trip. The worst hotel in the best place is still going to make retiring after a long day an unfortunate experience. The best hotel in the worst place, on the other hand, can be something of an oasis. Take the best hotels and put them in the best places, and you’ve got a private slice of the vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are 48 absolutely epic dream hotels.

1. Ladera Resort, St. Lucia

Possibly the singular spot for your perfect Caribbean excursion, the Ladera Resort represents the intersection between design, luxury, and the ideal location. Amenities include a full spa, a host of excursion experiences, and the ability to swing straight from a bench into the pool. Equally sick: Jade Mountain Resort.

2. Manta Resort, Tanzania

Ever wanted to be able to go down the stairs of your resort room, hoist the blinds, and be stared down by schools of fish? Can you get over the fact that in doing so, you’ll be painfully aware that your accommodations are anchored offshore? If you answered yes to both of those questions (as I have), then the photos of the Manta Resort have probably inspired you to add Tanzania’s Pemba Island to the bucket list.

3. Äscher Cliff, Switzerland

More of an inn and restaurant than a luxury resort, this getaway built right into an Ebenalp cliff is the best spot to take a breather on your trek up the northern Alps. The views here will keep you charged as you continue your trip through the Swiss mountains.

4. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

These images are not photoshopped. At Giraffe Manor, located in a suburb of Nairobi, giraffes belonging to the resident breeding and conservation program will join you for breakfast.

5. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

If you’ve never heard of this place, you’ve probably spent an enviably small amount of time on the internet. With its infamous glass igloos and log cabins, the Hotel Kakslauttanen offers an exclusive inside-while-outside winter experience. You know, so you can be immersed in the beauty of frozen forests and incredible winter auroras while simultaneously safe and comfortable inside your own private bubble of warmth.

6. Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

One part boutique hotel, one part epic infinity pool over the Ayung gorge, one part Payangan jungle, and one part architectural masterpiece combine to make one smooth cocktail of a resort. While the Ubud is known for its terraced tree villas, it’s really all about the award-winning pool. (Literally, this pool has won awards.)

7. Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

At the absolute top of my bucket list, the Icehotel is like living in an art installation. A very cold art installation. Though the ice accommodations are available for only one season a year (for what I hope are obvious reasons), the hotel also offers “warm accommodations” and a host of summer activities, including “art experiences with ice, and adventures in the surrounding wilderness under the midnight sun.”

8. Cocoa Island Resort, Maldives

Just a 40-minute speedboat ride from the archipelago’s main airport, Cocoa Island floats as a cluster of 33 over-water suites (straight out from those sweeping white sand beaches you’ve seen in every tropical island fantasy you’ve ever had). With two private diving reefs to explore, who’s got time for spa treatments?

9. Loisaba Star Beds, Kenya

Two sets of outdoor “star beds” can be found in the Kenyan wilderness — the “Kikobo” beds overlook the waterhole from which they take their name, and the “Koija” beds sit on stilts over the Ewaso N’giro river. Each “star bed” is partially sheltered and contains a “Mukokoteni” (a specialty handcrafted bed on wheels, for moving into and out of the shelter). Kenya is known for its wildlife, so you’re bound to see some amazing creatures in this outdoor getaway.

10. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

One of the tallest hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab sits on a private, manmade island 1,000 feet offshore and is connected to the mainland by a private bridge. Inside the tower (designed to look like the sail of a ship) are 202 double-story rooms, the largest of which covers 8,400 square feet and is the 12th most expensive hotel suite in the world.

11. Treehotel, Sweden

The multi-styled Swedish Treehotel comprises such rooms as: the Cabin, the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest, the Blue Cone, the UFO, the Tree Sauna, and the Dragonfly. Though perhaps a little literal in the naming of the rooms, the architecture and execution at the Treehotel are pretty next-level and make for a unique experience in the Swedish forest.

12. Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain

Designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, this luxury hotel is situated in the heart of Spanish wine country in the medieval town of Elciego. The property is famed for its Basque-Riojan cuisine and also has a rooftop library lounge with views of the Spanish countryside.

13. Dedon Island Resort, Philippines

According to the resort’s website, the property’s creators conceptualized Dedon Island as a “kind of laboratory” for realizing experiments in outdoor design, organic farming, and sustainability.

14. Phinda Homestead, South Africa

Small-scale and utterly luxurious, the Phinda Homestead is a family-size lodge situated on a private game reserve
within the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. No one around but you, the lodge staff, and the wildlife.

15. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Managed by the Kempinski Group of hotels and resorts, this seven-star property is the second most expensive hotel ever built. Might as well play the part and arrive via the private marina or helipad.

16. Conrad Maldives Hotel

With its glass-bottomed bungalows and underwater rooms, the Conrad Maldives Hotel has serious appel. To reach it, you have to take a 30-minute private seaplane, but on arrival you can enjoy any of their 101 carefully curated cheeses and 20,000 wines, while being surrounded by whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, and “an excellent coral reef.”

17. Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland

The Swiss ski village of Gstaad is one of the top resort areas in the Alps, and the Alpina is pretty much the top-of-the-line accommodations for those who have the scratch. The views from your room’s balcony couldn’t get much better.

18. Hotel de Glace, Quebec, Canada

The first (and only) true ice hotel in North America, Hotel de Glace opened in 2001 and has been rebuilt every December since. With a three-month lifespan, the features of this hotel are different each year, but it’s famous for its recurring chapel, bar, and grand ice slide.

19. Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey

This recently renovated hotel, used since the Byzantine era as a monastic retreat, had been a getaway just outside of Ürgüp, in the Cappadocia region, for centuries before it was converted into a hotel for the public, which pretty much guarantees its awesomeness.

20. Katikies Hotel, Greece

On Santorini (with its signature white-and-blue color scheme), the Katikies Hotel lends further credence to the idea that not only is putting a pool on an island surrounded by water not redundant, but you can do so just about anywhere in Greece and still achieve a killer view.

21. Rayavadee Resort, Thailand

The mac-daddy of Thailand resorts, this place looks like the deserted jungle island you’ve always dreamed of waking up on after a bumpy flight to somewhere boring. To top it all off, after your day of lounging in the luxury hydro-pool your pavilion is outfitted with, you can catch the sunset from this sandy beachside cave restaurant.

22. Hotel Au Vieux Panier, France

Situated in the heart of Marseille, each room at the Au Vieux Panier has been individually decorated by an artist or graphic designer of worldwide acclaim (and the rooms change every year). Not only is there a rooftop terrace where you can look out over the city center, but also a hotel library, perfect for a relaxing night in.

23. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

The absolutely quintessential African safari resort, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge acts as steward of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a wildlife reserve home to scores of rare and endangered species. It ranks #1 on TripAdvisor as “best stay in Tanzania.”

24. Panchoran Retreat, Bali

Carved out of the Balinese jungle by Irish designer Linda Garland in an ongoing project since the ‘70s, the Panchoran Retreat is a blend of art project, resort, and eco-garden. The retreat has been home to festivals, workshops, and generations of environmentalists conducting research year round.

25. Boscolo Milano, Italy

Built in the shell of a 1920s structure overlooking Milan’s golden square and the Milan Cathedral, the Boscolo Milano combines colorful avant-garde decoration with the luxury of five-star restaurants and spas.

26. Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Thailand

Half resort, half elephant camp, Anantara Golden Triangle sits at the convergence of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar in the heart of northern Thailand’s mountainous jungle. Not only do they offer a full range of spa treatments, but they also organize elephant treks through the surrounding jungle and playtime with the herd’s baby elephants. Baby. Elephants. Need I say more?

27. Hotel Sidi Driss, Tunisia

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but suspend your disbelief for a moment so that I can tell you that not only are those the remains of Luke Skywalker’s home from Star Wars, but also, you can stay at them for $10 a night. Epic dream achieved!

28. Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland

The Cambrian provides yet another option for luxury accommodations coupled with some extraordinary views of the Swiss Alps.

29. Sala Silver Mine, Sweden

Sometimes “getting away from it all” involves going 155 meters underground (to the world’s deepest hotel room), and while no one thinks of staying in a historic silver-mine-turned-resort for their holiday, perhaps the accommodations at the Sala Silver Mine are enough to keep it in mind, rather than going to some boring island.

30. Marataba Safari Lodge, South Africa

Marataba Safari Lodge is not a for-profit hotel, which alone should be a major selling point. The lodge is located within a massive game preserve, and its main purpose is to generate the revenue necessary to support the preserve’s continued projects. Their main goal is to restore the natural balance of flora and fauna in the region, with the help and involvement of people from all over the world.

31. Viceroy Hotel, Bali

With a prime location like Bali, it would be pretty easy for a resort to skimp on just about everything and rely on the beauty of its surroundings. Thankfully, the Viceroy simply saw that as a challenge and took luxury to the nth degree with amenities including private airport retrieval via helicopter, direct to the only hotel-owned helipad in the district.

32. Crazy Bear Beaconsfield, UK

Part of a chain of hotels famed for their over-the-top opulence, the Crazy Bear Beaconsfield was opened in 2008. Its luxurious rooms were built inside a painstakingly restored 15th-century coaching inn, coincidentally the oldest documented building in Beaconsfield.

33. Barin Ski Resort, Iran

Just an hour outside of Tehran looms the Barin Ski Resort, a white fortress designed to mimic the snow-covered mountains that surround it, and with an interior that feels an awful lot like an igloo (though the architects opted for “topographic layers” instead of ice blocks). The Barin Ski Resort was designed, inside and out, to reflect and complement its natural surroundings, and the effect is truly stunning.

34. Astarte Suites Hotel, Greece

The infinity pool to end all infinity pools — this hotel in Santorini is so proud of its pool that you can even view it in blistering high-def 360-degree panorama on the website. The luxury doesn’t stop at the pool, however, as every suite is decked out with all of the amenities one would expect from a luxury resort, plus some form of Jacuzzi.

35. Attrap’Reves Hotel, France

Another actively form-over-function locale, the space-pods at the Attrap’Reves would make me feel like I were the chief cosmonaut in charge of terraforming some faraway planet. What’s not to love about that?

36. Taj Lake Palace, India

Built on a natural four-acre foundation in the center of Lake Pichola, Taj Lake Palace has been voted the most romantic hotel in the world. However, it was originally the royal summer palace of Maharana Jagat Singh II (and all of his reigning successors). The palace is so plush it has been used as the set for a number of British and Indian films and television shows and has hosted kings and queens from all over the world.

37. Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile

This Huilo-Huilo hotel is not only a manmade geyser, but also a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The 232 square miles of reserve surrounding the hotel have hot springs carved in the center of tree trunks and a variety of wildlife ranging from the puma to the pudú (the world’s tiniest deer).

38. Caves Resort, Jamaica

Located in Negril, and so much more than just another cave resort, this smaller lodging provides renowned all-inclusive packages for their 12 “exclusive cliff-side accommodations.” On the 10-acre property, the resort has its own cave restaurant to dine in while catching the sunset and bathtubs built right into the cliff.

39. Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

Self-dubbed an “eco-luxury hotel and alpine experience,” the Whitepod Hotel maintains its environmentally friendly green during the white Swiss winters. From their website: “Whitepod aims to be a model for sustainable tourism by using a number of measures to limit its impact on nature, for example: minimize daily water and electricity consumption, reduce waste production, favour the use of renewable resources, and increase the clients’ awareness of environmental protection.”

40. Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

Europe’s first “landscape hotel,” this conceptual blend of architectural design and emphasis on nature led Norwegian architects Jensen and Skodven to build the seven stilted glass-walled cubes in an effort to maintain the illusion of complete integration with the surroundings. Each cube, and subsequent ‘experience,’ is unique.

41. The Oberoi Udaivilas, India

Perched at #4 on the 2012 list of World’s Best Hotels, the Oberoi Udaivilas sits on the shore of Lake Pichola in the palace city of Udaipur. The hotel’s architecture was modeled on real palaces of the Mewar region of Rajasthan (the largest state of the Republic of India, known as “the land of kings”) and includes sweeping arches and hand-painted domes.

42. Sofitel So Bangkok, Thailand

Designed to bring a touch of French elegance and luxury to a modern Thai setting, Sofitel So is decorated to reflect each of the five Chinese elements (water, earth, wood, metal, and fire). Looking out over Thailand’s capital city, the hotel also features a spa that apparently resembles a mythical forest.

43. Quinta Real Zacatecas, Mexico

Honestly, there are few things cooler than staying in what looks like the Mexican equivalent of the Coliseum. Part of the Quinta Real hotel chain, this former-bullfighting-ring-turned-luxury-resort is one of the premier places to stay in Zacatecas.

44. Hotel La Claustra, Switzerland

Built entirely underground in a former army fortress, La Claustra is still 2,050 feet above sea level, despite being located far beneath the surface of the Gotthard mountain pass. However, this demilitarized artillery bunker gets cold in the winter, so the 17 rooms are only available for booking between May and October.

45. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Set high in the trees of Vancouver Island’s temperate rainforest, each of these three spherical dens was handcrafted and precisely anchored in the canopy, 10 and 15 feet from the ground. While they may not represent everyone’s idea of luxury, the idea of gently rocking in the breeze while you fall asleep is incredibly appealing and would be a bliss usually reserved for native tree-dwelling critters and boat-owners alike.

46. Hotel Everland, Switzerland

More of an art piece than a true hotel, Hotel Everland was a project by the artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann (known professionally as L/B). The one-room hotel was built to be entirely portable and was moved around Europe five times before retiring to Switzerland. It can only be booked one night at a time, but comes equipped with its own record collection!

47. Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Another epic cave-integrated hotel, the Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese is located on the cliffs of Polignano, facing the Adriatic Sea. The cave restaurant, the hotel’s centerpiece, is where meals are served only a couple dozen feet above the crashing waves.

48. Inn at Price Tower, Oklahoma

You might not think “Oklahoma” when you hear the words “epic dream hotel” — but it’s somewhat comforting to think there could be a 221ft, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed tower with luxury accommodations just one town over.

Source:  Alex Scola

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Ms Johnnie Wright
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Where Would You Like to Travel?

Many people don’t take vacations often enough. In fact, according to a poll on this site, around half of readers don’t take annual vacations; in fact, many readers never take them! And now with increasing frequency, when we do take vacations, we often bring work along with us, keeping ourselves essentially still in the work mindset we’re trying to escape. This is unfortunate for several reasons:

Coastal Vacations Travel Christian Team

Coastal Vacations Travel Christian Team

  • Vacations Promote Creativity: A good vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves, operating as a vehicle for self-discovery and helping us get back to feeling our best.
  • Vacations Stave Off Burnout: Workers who take regular time to relax are less likely to experience burnout, making them more creative and productive than their overworked, under-rested counterparts.
  • Vacations Can Keep Us Healthy: Taking regular time off to ‘recharge your batteries’, thereby keeping stress levels lower, can keep you healthier.
  • Vacations Promote Overall Well-being: One study found that three days after vacation, subjects’ physical complaints, their quality of sleep and mood had improved as compared to before vacation. These gains were still present five weeks later, especially in those who had more personal time and overall satisfaction during their vacations.
  • Vacations Can Strengthen Bonds: Spending time enjoying life with loved ones can keep relationships strong, helping you enjoy the good times more and helping you through the stress of the hard times. In fact, a study by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services found that women who took vacations were more satisfied with their marriages.
  • Vacations Can Help With Your Job Performance: As the authors of the above study suggest, the psychological benefits that come with more frequent vacations lead to increased quality of life, and that can lead to increased quality of work on the job.
  • Vacations Relieve Stress in Lasting Ways: It should come as no surprise that vacations that include plenty of free time bring stress relief, but research shows that a good vacation can lead to the experience of fewer stressful days at least five weeks later! That means that vacations are the gift to yourself that keep on giving.

The bottom line is that taking a good amount of time away from the stresses of daily life can give us the break we need so that we can return to our lives refreshed and better equipped to handle whatever comes.

Coastal Vacations Travel

Ms Johnnie

Ms Johnnie Wright

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Orlando International Resort Club – Wyndham – Coastal Travel Vacations!

Orlando International Resort Club with Coastal Travel Vacations

Orlando International Resort Club with Coastal Travel Vacations

The Orlando area offers a multitude of year-round fun and events. Orlando International Resort Club (OIRC) is your perfect lodging resort, just minutes away from all the Orlando world-famous attractions:

Within walking distance to Wet & Wild® and discount shopping. Public transportation is available by trolley for a minimal fee.

Only blocks to Universal Orlando® Resort

An easy drive to SeaWorld® Orlando and Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney’s Animal Kingdom®, and Disney Hollywood Studios™

Orlando International Resort Club with Coastal Travel Vacations

Orlando International Resort Club with Coastal Travel Vacations

Kennedy Space Center

Restaurants Galore!

The city of Orlando also offers more to see and do, including lakes, museums, galleries and gardens. As they say, Location is everything!

Managed by Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc.

After enjoying all the Orlando attractions, come home to the finest in vacation living. The beautifully landscaped resort offers a heated pool, gas grills for barbecues, and a tennis court and shuffleboard lighted for night play. Enjoy a cool drink with new friends or spend quiet time with your family. It’s your “home away from home!”

Coastal Travel Vacations Home

Coastal Travel Vacations Blog Page

Coastal Travel Vacations Christian Team – Welcome Home

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I started researching and saw a bunch of people making bunch of money online, from home. Coastal had the highest commissions I could find and a proven system of success in place. By my fourth month, I had a $15,000 month and by my 11th month, hit $100,000, all while working during nap-time.

I’m now a multiple six figure income earner, we just built our Dream Home, and have traveled extensively! We are so Blessed to have found Coastal Travel Vacations!

 (We don’t hype you up or promise your success to drop onto your head like a ripe apple. We just simply teach motivated individuals to make money using a simple, easy to follow system that has created many six and seven-figure income earners in this business –

Bottom line… We teach people how to make money… Period.)


“In 2004 I was working as a restaurant manager and at a local hospital 70 plus hours a week. Being a single parent, working those hours kept me from being a good parent and frankly, LIVING Life..

I came into Coastal with NO experience at all but was able to plug into the system with all its support and training to hit six figures in my first year working 25 hours a week. I’m now a multi six figure earner within Coastal who has a LIFE and quality time with my children. That financial and time freedom has absolutely opened my world!”


“My name is Amy, and I’m a Platinum Director living in Georgia. We are a military family, with two kids (ages 4 and 1) and a third on the way. I had been staying home with our daughter almost two years, and our bills and debt were starting to mount up and get out of control. When I found this business, I looked it up, down, inside and out to try to figure out what was wrong with it, and when I had talked with enough people who were doing really well with it, I decided I could do it too, and I jumped in.

    Now, we are paying off the debt we had accumulated in chunks, we are saving for our kid’s education, and we just bought our very first home. I am so grateful to Coastal for the amazing training and all of the support I’ve received. I couldn’t have done any of this if they hadn’t paved the way for me and shown me exactly what to do and how to do it.”


This is the voice of Wayne Jones, as a co-founder of this system; I have directly and indirectly trained, and I am currently training many who have reached a 6 figure and multiple 6 figure income. This business has given me the time freedom to enjoy my family, and the income to boot. I know that GOD has blessed me to be a Blessing to others and I encourage you to get under the funnel of Blessing that flows through this team. Ask yourself, “what was my life like six months ago, and what will it be like if I do nothing different”.  

You can make excuses or make money but you can not do both.



I started My Coastal Travel Vacations business in July of 2004. I was searching for a business I could own and run from the comfort of wherever I was, and replace my RN salary. I was looking for time and money freedom. I came in at the Premier level because I needed to get up and lucrative quickly. I followed the step by step instructions on use of the marketing system and focused, and within 6 weeks I had made my two training sales, and a profit of over 11,000 dollars! I went on running my business and made helping others get up and lucrative quickly my first priority. Because of this, within my first 4 months, I replaced my yearly RN salary. I doubled that income in seven months creating leverage, and my business continues to grow. My life has changed forever! I now have the time and money freedom I have sought all my life, and I have new friends all over the United States and Canada. I love Coastal Vacations!

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Can You Really Work From Home with Coastal Travel Vacations and Make Money?

Work at Home with Coastal Travel Vacations

Work at Home with Coastal Travel Vacations

Working at home is a growing trend of the self-employed and also corporate downsizing.

All you need is your desktop or laptop and a fast internet connection and you’re on your way. No need for pushing yourself to the limits because you have no one driving you crazy or boss putting your work down.

The boss is you and you alone! You decide when to go to work and when you are done. You decide where you want to work, and you can even be employed by many employers to work at home for their company too. But owning your own business is really the goal.

Working from home is cheaper for the employer.

Let’s face the truth, traveling to and from work is a stressful time of our day, especially if the weather is screwy or there are massive traffic delays. For this reason, it is better to stay at home in front of your PC for the day and do all your business transactions with more freedom. Our home is our sanctuary; therefore it is easier to work.

There is no dress code. Another nice thing I like in home-based work is you don’t need to impress anyone by the clothes you wear. No need to wear suits or ties. No winter coats if your workplace is too cold. When you work at home, you have no limitations. You can just be yourself. You can wear anything you like.

When you are working at home, the freedom is completely yours. You can instantly dive in your bed when you are sleepy. You can eat anything inside your fridge. You can even ride on your stationary bike while chatting with an important client. There are no officers-in-charge around you to monitor your every move.

Working at home is definitely a pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to work at home? Coastal is perfect for the stay at home

Perfect for the Stay at Home Parent working with Coastal Travel Vacations

Perfect for the Stay at Home Parent working with Coastal Travel Vacations

mom, dad, grand-parent.  Who wouldn’t want to create their schedule around their life instead of their life around their work schedule?

It’s your goal however, that if you are employed by a company that you could start your own business and do your own tasks each day, that will make you money, instead of a faceless corporation, that realistically, does not care about its employees, other than making a buck off of them.

Deep down, one needs to realize that time is money, and the ‘results for work’ economy is where entrepreneurs can make a sizable fortune.

As the years go on, we’ll see more and more of the population leaning towards entrepreneurship, like it was over 100 years ago, when most people were self-employed.


Coastal Travel Vacations Members Can Access Thousands of Condos as Low as $199 a Week!

Coastal Travel Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations

Timeshare owners are shocked to find out there are some great low-priced alternatives t,o paying $48,000 for 1 week of vacationing in tropical ocean front paradises.

Coastal Travel Vacations is a travel club and vacation club that is helping vacationers dig out fantastic deals on week-long condo stays.

Plus Coastal Travel Vacations allows it members to profit from the sales of travel memberships, by allowing independent affiliates to market for the company where they can earn $1,000 to $9,705 just for telling people about the discount membership.

What separates Coastal Travel Vacations from other travel club memberships, is that Coastal is strictly a marketing arm for the Travel Inventory family of resorts. The exclusive condo/hotel/ inventory encompasses over 5000 3, 4 and 5 star luxury resorts which Coastal members get access to at huge savings.

Their membership is like being a timeshare owner with out the high prices and sticker shock. With membership in Coastal, one feels like and is treated like an owner of a timeshare property that cost $48,000, but Coastal members don’t pay $48,000 for this exclusive membership or any yearly high-priced maintenance fees either.

Coastal members can have a lifetime of travel benefits for less than $1300 (one time fee) and get unlimited access to well

over 5000 vacation condos/hotels/and more, all over the world. Some think because the costs are so low, it must be a scam. But Coastal Travel Vacations memberships are not a scam. It is one of the best kept secrets of the traveling elite.

Coastal Travel Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations Home Page

Coastal Travel Vacations Blog


Coastal Travel Vacations Club Home Business

Coastal Travel Vacations

Coastal Travel Vacations

With Coastal Travel Vacations You Could Be Earning $1,000, $3,200 and even $9,700 Commissions…Paid in Cash…and Paid Daily!  The best part about the Coastal Travel Vacations Business Opportunity is that ANYONE ANYWHERE Can Do It! 

You can be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

You can Set Your Own Hours, Be your own Boss and even WORK IN JAMMIES if You Want To!

Absolutely No Experience is Necessary!

It does not matter if you have never had success with a Home Based Business or if you have been successful with everything you have ever touched. It does not even matter if you live in the USA , Canada, Mexico, Spain or Panama or even Australia.

Coastal Travel Vacations is a Global Opportunity. So long as you have access to a computer and phone you can receive all your training online and market your business online in places where people are looking for a home based business.

I have members all over the world. 

We work Smart NOT Hard.

SO..What’s The Catch? 

You have to be willing to invest in yourself. You have to put the time into learning about the business and have faith in yourself.

  1. The money ALL goes through you instead of going to some company that may (or may not) pay you a commission 60 days later.  Get paid INSTANTLY!
  2. Has a high profit margin, thereby increasing your income potential and decreasing your efforts required to be successful.
  3.  It’s NOT MLM, gifting, selling internet products, or any other out-dated program.
  4. There are NO quotas or sponsoring requirements for you to continue to be paid!
  5. There are NO monthly fees required with Coastal and NO autoship products to fill up your basement!
  6. Coastal Travel Vacations has over a 26 year history, you will not be joining some quick money-making program. Many of us have made Coastal our full-time careers. I joined Coastal back in 2005 and have been full-time ever since.
  7. If you are looking a home business would it not make sense to follow the current trends. Coastal Travel Vacations combines the three important ingredients in one business: Internet, travel And Home Based Business.

We pay out over 75% profits.

Earn $1,000, $3,200 and even $9,700 per single sale.

With only one small sale per week you could be raking in over $50,000/yr. With one of the larger sales per week you could be harvesting over $400,000/yr.

But what if you could make just an extra $3,000-$5,000 per month, part-time, would that help you out in your current position?


Why Join Me? What Makes Me So Different?

One thing you will notice straight away is that I will never ask you for your money, try closing questions on you or hound you. That is NOT my style. I am not for everyone as I understand not every prospect is right for me.

If you do decide to join with me I will not let you down and I will work with you until you become successful, and even after.

The other major difference between myself and other directors is that I will teach you how to advertise, will provide you with advertising and marketing strategies to get you going.

Read what others are saying about Coastal Vacations:

“I made more money in my first 30 days than I did with ALL the other programs over the last 3 years combined, and working about 15-20 hours a month! It’s the best opportunity by far I have seen, and I have seen a lot of them.”  Paul, Colorado

“I’ve just started with Coastal Vacations 10 days ago and I’m already a Director! I also have 3 more sales on the way! Thanks Coastal!” –
Gene, Texas

“It’s completely realistic to make 4-6 sales each and every month. If you then train your people well, you get the extraordinary income from their two training sales and their four training sales and so it goes on…”  Sally,  New York

“I’m making $8,000 a month, part-time! If you’re looking for a great opportunity check out Coastal Vacations!” –
David, Pennsylvania

Save Up to 75% Off Your Travel Needs

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a timeshare, vacation packages, or retail when you can book the same accommodations at wholesale and most importantly when and where you need them. Why pay $300 to $600 a year for maintenance fees and exchange fees on a timeshare when you can enjoy the same benefits for only $89.95 a year (annual renewal fee due at the end of your first year) through Coastal Club Vacations?.

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