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Why Should You Start a Home Based Business?!!

9 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business

Live Your Dreams BannerThe “Lifestyle” approach to marketing is an innovative yet natural way to gain financial independence. It’s innovative because it defies the traditional business model of relying on advertising to generate slow-building product sales. It’s natural because instead of high-pressure sales tactics and expensive advertising, it relies on the concept of helping yourself through helping others.

That’s why when I started to list nine great reasons why this is the perfect day to start owning your life, I had a really hard time. It wasn’t because it was hard to come up with nine reasons, it was hard to limit the list to just nine!

To help me narrow the many reasons down to just a few, I went to some of our most successful partners. They told me that for them, the benefit isn’t just making more money; it is enjoying a whole new lifestyle. These are the nine biggest benefits of that lifestyle.

Quality of Life

Take a Well-Deserved Vacation

homepagegraphicmontageconWhen was the last time you took a vacation? How long was it? For most people vacations are controlled by their employer. They are told when they can go and how long they can take. Wouldn’t you like to take as long a vacation as you want, when you are ready to go? When you own the business, you set the vacation schedule!

Spend More Time with Your Family

If you spend 40, 60 or even 80 hours a week at work, how much time are you spending with your family? How many dance recitals or HBB.Family.Petsparent-teacher meetings have you missed? These years of family time that you are losing can never be regained. Make the choice to own your life today, and start giving your family the love and attention that both you and they deserve.

Give Your Children a Stay-at-Home Parent

Life is full of tough choices. You hated the idea of taking your kids to daycare instead of being home with them every day. You had to, though, just to make ends meet. Very few jobs today pay enough to let one parent stay home. When you live and work at home, you can earn as much as you need and still be there for your children. Your spouse may be able to stay home, too. You won’t miss any more of the crucial bonding years with your children. You decide how much time you need to spend working, and take the family time that you need.

Financial Freedom

Eliminate Debts

Part of owning your life is owning your financial situation. If you have debts, you can spend the extra money you can make paying some of them off. Get rid of those high-interest credit card payments. Pay off your car. Remove some of the stress in your life by eliminating some of your debts.

Pay Your Mortgage Off Quicker

A home mortgage is one of the biggest expenses most people have. Wouldn’t you like to get yours paid off sooner? Just one extra principal payment each year can take years off of your loan. Imagine what two or three could do! Imagine making an extra payment each month! Paying your mortgage off sooner can mean having to work less in your later years.

Earn More Money to Help Buy Your Dream Car or Home

Dream Home InsideOwning your business can mean earning more money for the things you want. Because your labor goes to make money for you instead of a corporation, you can earn more money for the hours that you work. You may want to put some of this money toward the car or home you have always wanted. That is what financial freedom is all about.

Increase Your Savings

Enjoy Valuable Tax Savings

Saving money is the same as making more money. When you own a home-based business, part of your home becomes business space. The rooms you work in, the computer and printer you use, and your Internet service and cell phone all may become business expenses. This means they may be deductible on your taxes, saving you money! That is more money you can put to work paying off debts or taking a hard-earned vacation.

Save for a Rainy Day

When you work for someone else, it is hard to have extra money at the end of the month for savings. If your car broke down, could you pay to get it fixed? If your child needed braces, could you afford them? The extra money you can earn with your own business can make this possible. You can put some of that money in the bank for a rainy day. That way, when the bumps in the road of life come along, you will be ready for them.

Add to Your Retirement Savings

Do have enough money in the bank to retire when you are ready? Does your present job let you save enough money every month so that you can ever stop working? Jobs today rarely come with company-paid retirement plans. They make you put your money into stocks or IRAs if you want to be able to retire. That can be hard to do when you barely make enough to pay the bills. Your home-based business can give you the extra money to start building up your retirement savings now.

Learn How You Can Own Your Life Today!

Find out how you can have a whole new lifestyle with your own home based business. Click the button below for more information on this once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity. There is no better time than now to start owning your life!

Freedom is a Decision!!

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