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Spending the workday booking coastal travel and other vacations sounds like a dream. This is why many people choose to work with Coastal Travel Group, which is more commonly known as Coastal Vacations. Coastal Travel Vacations sells wholesale travel packages to corporations and individuals. They offer work-from-home opportunities for people across the United States. Before starting to work with Coastal Vacations, there are a few things to know about the company.

What Opportunities Does Coastal Vacations Offer?

Coastal Vacations offers opportunities for its associates to work from their homes selling wholesale travel packages to both corporations and individuals. The work is primarily office and sales work. Most of the selling is conducted over the phone or through the internet. It may also require the associate to host live presentations to explain the products and benefits of purchasing travel packages from Coastal Vacations.

Does It Cost Anything to Start Working with Coastal Vacations?

There are three different levels for the organization. The first level, which is the sale of discount travel packages, requires an investment of

1295  with commissions of $1,000..
3995  with commissions of $3200..
11000 with Commissions of $9705..

This money is paid directly to the director. Once it is paid, you receive your package and you receive the appropriate training materials and can start working with the company.

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What Type of Training Does Coastal Vacations Offer?

Coastal Vacations has an extensive training program to help its associates be successful in their positions. After paying the required joining fee, associates are able to participate in a systematic training program. The systematic training program teaches contractors about the business and helps them organize it to minimize time investment. In addition, associates have access to websites that have a library of information available with training information. Associates are taught how to handle sales, conduct seminars, and host live calls.

How Much Time Investment is Necessary?

As Coastal Travel offers a work-from-home opportunity, there are no set hours. The hours that you decide to work are based on what works best for your schedule. As with any opportunity, the amount of time that you invest is directly related to how much money you are able to make. During the training sessions, you will learn how to become more efficient in your work with Coastal. That way, you are able to invest less time, but still make substantial profits.

How Much Money Can You Make with Coastal Travel Group?

Many people note that you can make a great deal of money working with Coastal Vacations. Karen, who serves as a director with the company, noted that people tend to make more than $100,000 in their first year. After several years of working the company, some people have made as much as $500,000 in one year. It depends on how successful you are in selling the product. However, it is noted that many people start making money within the first two or three weeks of signing on with the company.

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While there is a high investment price associated with working with Coastal Travel Group, agents report that they can easily make that money back in one or two sales. Coastal Vacations offers an opportunity to work from your home, preview travel opportunities, and complete your work in a flexible environment. For many people who love traveling the world, the company provides an opportunity to combine your passion with your work. Overall, it is a sound opportunity for people who are able to comfortably make the upfront investment.

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